Monday, July 23, 2012


It's Monday, mates, so that means that it's Model Day.  Magic Mike Week continues tomorrow with more Strip Search Canada

At the risk of weakening national security, I will confess that my biggest weakness is Hispanic men. If ever I am tied to a chair and someone wants the secret combination to the vault at Ft. Knox, and for some reason I am the last man to have it, then I am afraid our nation's golden treasure will be in the hands of the enemy IF I am interrogated by a beautiful man of Latin heritage, and I can think of none quite so beautiful as... 

Julian Gabriel Hernandez

As with Dylan Neal, the simple act of choosing the definitive picture of Julian is like sorting out one image of perfection after another.  I think the pose, the expression, the genius of Jorge Freiere and the choice of sepia tone make the above picture the winner by just a hair. 

If I were to mail order (male order?) the perfect husband, I would ask the company to heed the words of that great sage Cece Peniston...

"Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams..."

"...The one who shows me true love or at least it seems..."

"...with brown cocoa skin and curly black hair..."

"It's just the way he looks at me with 
that gentle loving stare"

"FINAL-EE-EE! You've come along!"

I just love how that underwear is wearing him.

Surprisingly, I love a guy who's just a little bit on the short side.

That makes Julian the perfect physical specimen for me.  Now if he would happily say "You are always right, Derek," then he truly would be the perfect husband. 

Julian was born in Miami on February 1, 1989, where he was also raised and is a model for Elite

With a chiseled face and a bod for sin, Julian easily takes Eyeconic pictures in color...

...or black & white...

He reminds us that a runway isn't just for jet planes....

...and looks artful in arty photo shoots from afar...

...getting closer...

...and closer still.

He looks just as great in everyday clothes...

Butterflies are Free!

Just lie back... he does in his play clothes...

It is wise for him to run.  Guys like me probably chase him a lot!

"Wanna Race?"

"Let me stretch first."

"On your mark, get set..."


And then time for cool down.

If the railroad unions would draft Julian to be their official model, we would see a huge rise in unions, train ridership, rail cargo and shirtless hunks working along the tracks.

Is this the Wichita Lineman? 

Perhaps growing up in the Florida sun made him so comfortable in a bathing suit, because he wears one like a second skin....

While that arrow is indicating the suit, I am sure we all know that it is celebrating what is in it, specifically what is in it at exactly that spot. 

Every magazine cover should look this great.

Julian is just as at home in underwear....

What would a series of pics of Julian in a push up position look like? 

And what says "The End" better than a great end?

Dear Photographers:  More like that one, please.  
Love, Julian's cadre of fans.

Julian Gabriel Hernandez:  putting the sizzle in Miami's modeling scene! 


  1. Oh, would I ever like to help unspool Julian's cable! Yowzers! And all those come-hither, puppy-dog looks makes me say "Woof woof"! Thanks Derek for a mouth-watering Model Monday!

  2. Wow! Fabulous new pics Derek! Absolutely gorgeous man :)

  3. Best till last <3

  4. Juan Gabriel, vente para Argentina y casate conmigo. Me encargaré de que tu culito no pase hambre.