Monday, July 16, 2012


Sometimes a beautiful man pops up on the Internet and you save the pics that he did with a seasoned photographer. Afterwards, what happens to that model is anyone's guess. Sometimes they get in with a great agency or they meet up with one of the best photographers. A lot of time they just sort of disappear. And then there are those who do all of those, like Michael Holland

Michael showed up last year and gave us this Eyeconic picture...

There are many beautiful men and there are many great photographers, but only occasionally do the two come together to create an image that you always remember and recognize, as is the case with this one. Michaels's EIGHT pack catches the light in perfect ripple, his chest hair feathers back in due respect to the muscles to which they cling and shape, and that half smile seems to be from a moment of sudden surprise or embarrassment. It's a perfect picture. 

But then Michael disappeared for a while, when you thought he'd be the preferred model for a cologne or some such. Even at that, he had a pretty good port...

He looks awesome in that open shirt, but wouldn't he look better if he removed it altogether? 

Now that's a good boy. Just admire that tapered V, which so rarely is seen so vividly from the front. His body hasn't a a single flaw, nor does that face. If anything, he reminds one of the gorgeous and vaunted  Jon-Erik Hexum.

Every picture  of Michael results in a piece of art...

Wouldn't he look much better out of that outfit?

I just love a man who listens to what you request. 

Take a second gander that pic above. Yowza!  The chest hair leading to the treasure trail leading to the pubes leading to the...well...treasure!  Does it get any hotter than that? 

In fairness, Michael can look just as hot IN clothes.  Just take a looksee...

Okay, enough of that "dressed" business. That went on for FAR too long!  Let Michael do what he does best, which is come out of his clothes...

Remember that thing I said about embracing arranged marriages the other day?  Well, this shoots right to the top of my wish list.

Being a leg man, I can tell if a guy has great legs or not right through his pants, and you can see that Michael has got an awesome pair...

Why there aren't more pictures of his legs, I do not know.  He photographs well from every angle!

We Americans do love our jocks (both in the meaning of athletes and underwear), so here are some obligatory jock shots of our man. 

Anyone for American football?

Maybe some wrestling....

How about a round of boxing? 

Speedos scream to be worn by swimmers who look like this!

The good news is that after his disappearance, Michael has resurfaced.  These and other pictures of him were taken by the mega-talented photographer wagnerLA whose website shows off his great work in a variety of idioms, and his Model Mayhem page is a collection of genius. 

Additionally, wagnerLA captured Michael perfectly as the model has become an official Timoteo underwear man...

Is that an elephant in your shorts or are you just REALLY happy to see me? 

Jeans? Tsk, tsk. Lose those!

Better. Much better. 

I suppose this is as good a place as any to tell you that Michael. He is a native New Jerseyan, lives in Atlantic City and works as a lifeguard (for the 12th year now) at Ventnor City Beach. He belongs to a group called Angel Management (appropriate, huh?) where he acts as a VIP host for Revel Entertainment, which, as the literature will tell you, "delivers state-of-the-art, innovative venues, experiences and events that exceed customer expectations while maximizing brand value."  Haven't a clue what any of that means, but I can say that if Michael is doing it, my pleasure will be maximized by just watching him do it.  

That elephant is back. Perhaps we should feed it. 

I must say that while I don't care either way about shaved/unshaved, Michael just looks better when he isn't manscaped. Still, this ain't too bad, huh? 

Is it just me or does he put of a strong Thor vibe?

I think we should pool our money and buy all the Timoteo stuff that they have, so that Michael will have nothing to wear! ;)

Uh-oh! Check out that look. I think I am in Dutch with Michael Holland....

...I'll let you know how it turns out. 


  1. Absolutely, positively, amazingly, unbelievably gorgeous!!! That pic where the overalls are falling down is a perfect shot of beautiful masculinity (& my favorite)!

    Thor? I can see it.

    Excellent find Derek! Thanks

  2. Michael Holland is truly superlative. Not only one of the handsomest models you'll see, but his body--with a true 8-pack, is outstanding! It's not so much that he looks exactly LIKE Hexum per se, but they both exude that rare combination of pure beauty, strong masculinity, but also a soft, human approachability. Like when Hexum's voice was sounding so powerful but saying sweet things...I'm really taken, as you can tell, lol! Thanks Derek--another great post! ;)