Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Okay, guys, remember when I had declared the week that Magic Mike opened here in North America to be Stripper Week?  And then that got scuttled because the inventors of weather went and created an entirely new storm called a derecho that wrought havoc on my home and shut down electricity to over a million people in this area,  Cable and Internet service were spotty for a while.  

Well, upon the good advice of my fellow dreamer (and major contributor to this week's theme), drunkeyes40, I am moving the big week to now in time for the European release of the film, and I am re-dubbing it Magic Mike Week

Thanks to drunkeyes40, Magic Mike Week is going to be a whole lot more fun, and a whole lot more special.  DE40 (my abbreviation for my friend) is a resourceful man, and a proud Canadian. When he saw his fellow Canuck, Michael Scratch, in my Humpday Hump feature a few weeks ago, he wrote me to tell me that he enjoyed it, and that Canada's Magic Mike Scratch was in the Great White North's version of the international series Strip Search. Even better, DE40 had video clips and sent them to me to put here!  

London's favorite son, Michael Scratch, turns the
Canadian flag into high fashion.

I've learned from this and other material, that on top of being an actor and (for this gig) stripper, he is also a fireman in London,  Ontario.  Good thing I don't live there, or I'd be setting fire to my house every day.  

I've taken the clips from DE40 and created a music video using the classic 80s song Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol and Generation X. 

In addition to Michael, there's this cutie, Bobby Ryan, who won the entire competition to become the dance leader. As if this body weren't enough, he has the best moves in the Western hemisphere!

Canadian men are always reliably hot, reliably confident, and completely secure with their own masculinity and sexiness, while managing to be disarming and approachable. Such is true for all of the hotties in this series. Michael and Bobby are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a Whitman sampler of what will be coming (aside from us) in the next week... 

A sunshine yellow thong pops out from beneath a sky blue Speedo

Who can whip it out faster:  Malcom or you?

Just a simple little garden party for Vincent and
a few of his closest horny friends

Vincent gets in touch with his tender side. In fact, out of the picture frame,
he is touching his tender side right now

Michael is supposed to put out flames, but here he is
only starting one

Bobby bare bum beats boring booty

Michael's g-string points north

I love the thongs they are barely wearing

If she's saying what I would be saying, she'd telling him,
"Don't move. EVER!"

The guys strut their stuff in their Maple Leaf britches. 

 One longs for autumn just to watch those leaves fall!

To download the music video, click on the link below...

Stay tuned everyone. Tomorrow the Strip Search Canada guys will be seen in their auditions, with a clip and caps! 


  1. Michael is a sight to behold with those washboard abs, and Bobby is smokin'--right up my alley! Thanks for the treat, and thanks to DE40 for his immeasurable contributions! The video looks fantastic--nothing but the best production values for us! Billy's music is a perfect match as well--thanks Derek!

  2. While Michael is simply the best all-around and has a fun personality, that ass on Bobby is a thing of beauty.