Monday, October 29, 2012


When I was a much younger man, I will sadly admit that red-haired men did nothing for me. It didn't matter that they had muscles or charm or smarts, or any number of gifts, I just wasn't interested. That was a time when I found no guy interesting if he lacked a good tan!  LOL!  

But as you age, your tastes shift in ways that you would never expect. These days I do love a man of dark skin, but I also love men with pale complexions, too. One day about ten years ago, I found that my gym had about three different guys who had varying shades of red hair and different body types, but the most beautiful white skin. There was something so vulnerable about it that I found a new fetish. The Day of the Ginger was born for me. 

On Friday I was browsing the net for a hottie to be today's model, and came across this gorgeous gingerbread man who is the quintessential Derek type:  stocky, beefy body; short and stacked; rugged good looks; and a playful demeanor...


Seth grew up in Louisiana and found his way to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he works as a go-go dancer. Openly gay, he is currently dating another dancer named Jared. 

Someone had the good sense to capture him in his glory in his young and green days, looking so pure and beautiful that Ivory soap should have given him a contract...

Beginning a nautical theme...

A pose that can...

...part the ocean!

 Speaking of which...

Seth is around 29 and he keeps a blog that is a lot of fun to read. If you've ever wondered about the life of the go-go dancer, then he lays it all out for us to enjoy in wonderfully articulate and well-written pieces.  

We all knew the bait was there...

The lumberjack look never fails to work on a guy

Salute the half mast look...

Long John Ginger

Getting arty with the perfectly artful face and body...

Clearly go-go boys like to have a rip-roaring good time. Here's a technicolor bright-hued spectacle of their good times...

Video of Seth dancing...

Lucky Charms Indeed!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
HERE'S the fairest
of them all!

I think we all know What's Up Doc!
 You decide which view is your favorite...

The Front

The Back



  1. Wonderful choice yet again Derek! Gorgeous in every one. But, & this is strange for me, I think I prefer his color pics instead of the B&W. Usually it doesn't matter but with Seth it brings him to life!

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks, tri. The man is just the perfect specimen of beauty, isn't he? And doesn't it just kill you when you know such great looking guys are gay? Because then you have this nagging sense that he's "havable" but you just aren't putting out the right effort to get him. ;-)

  3. He's hot and attainable, hmmm...we'll all have to get to work on that, lol! Great choice Derek! Tri, I think with the color pics it's the beauty of his gingerness that isn't there without color--orange treasure trails just don't happen that often! Maybe it's that it's also Halloween!! ;)

  4. Soñé que Seth, me abrazaba por sorpresa por la espalda, con una mano sujetó mi cuello para besar mi boca... Yo mordía sus labios. Su otra mano frotaba mi bragueta hasta que la apretó con su puño al sentir mi polla completamente erecta. Desabrocó mi pantalón que dejó caer y después forzó mi slip hacía abajo. Abrazándome con fuerza, me llevó y apoyó sobre una mesa. Se agachó y me quitó pantalones y slip, después sentí sus manos abrir mis nalgas y el calor humedo de su lengua que empezaba a lamerme y presionarme el ano... Me hizo un "Beso Negro" que todavía no he olvidado. Se levantó y apoyó con fuerza una de sus manos sobre mi espalda, se desabrochó su pantalón y saco su verga gruesa y fuerte. Escupió en sus dedos y untó mi ano, la yema del dedo pulgar me acarició y luego presionó, estiró hacia arriba y volvió a echarme saliva, sentí más presión sobre mi espalda al tiempo que sentía el calor húmedo de su capullo, embistió y grité al sentir como me abría, su fuerte polla empezó a entrar cm a cm hasta llenarme del todo. Con sus rodillas abrió más mis piernas y con las manos me sujetó por un hombro y un muslo, embistió una y otra vez y otra vez... Me folló con fuerza, no se cuanto tiempo pero me pareció eterno, hasta que me corrió, no fue necesario tener que masturbarme, el movimiento de su polla me provocó un orgasmo demoledor, después me cogió la polla y la apretó intentando escurrir todo mi semen, empezó a pellizcarme los pezones para acabar besandome, su lengua entró con tanto impetu en mi boca que parecia fuera a afisiarme, sentí su cipote casi inmovil apretando y fuertes espasmos que empezaron a bañar mi interior con un fuerte calor... Aquello me gustó mi interior irritado, sintió un fuerte alivio con esa humedad y ese calor.

  5. Wow, anonymous, that is one hot story!

  6. Seth is one of my favorites. Thanks for the wonderful collection of photos that I have not seen before.

  7. By far he's the most beautiful man I've ever seen. To bad he bats for the same team. We would of made adorable babies.

  8. Thanks for the appreciation, guys!

  9. One of the most gorgeous Ginger specimens I have ever laid eyes upon! This man is absolutely beautiful.

  10. This stud man is one HOT stud, Gorgeous and beautiful, and I missed SEXY as hell

  11. Este tío tiene pinta de ser un buen macho dominante, de los que cuando te tiene bien penetrado te hace saber quien manda.