Sunday, July 22, 2012


Magic Mike Week is back, and so is Strip Search Canada. I made an request at Just a Dream to have anyone send me video clips (preferably in MOV or M4V files) of Strip Search in their own countries, and I would add it here. So far there have been no takers. If anyone visiting this board has such video and wants to collaborate and share with Strip Search Unites States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, or any other great nation that hosted the show, then please contact me and we can make a series of it! 

As for the task at hand, I am usually not a fan of g-strings because they are sort of the prick teases of the underwear world. They let you see things but they kind of don't, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I wouldn't kick any of these hot guys out of my bed for wearing one...

...nor for even wearing that woman's bathing suit, so long as they promised to leave the top off and didn't ask me to call him Nancy. 

Of course I am  only one opinion in this huge world. Many people love men in g-strings, so who am I to argue?  And I must say that the hotties of SSC in our video compilation certainly make a very strong case for making me change my mind.

Can you imagine having a job in which you are to sit at a table and assess hot men in a mostly naked state?  Where does one get this job?  How do you apply?  No one at job services EVER mentions this gig when I drop by just to weigh my options. Perhaps I should call my head hunter. With a job title like that, he'd surely know something! 

It's a panoply of amazing asses...

...and a panorama of amazing frontals....

Sweet-faced Bobby Ryan awaits his turn to be assessed. 

"You want me to go first?  Why certainly!"

I'm waiting for my closeup, Mr. Demile...

GREAT close up! 

Why turning away?  

Oh, I see! 

"I will now do my interpretive dance of the Canada geese."

If you want to get someone's attention, just whisper....or wear purple.

The Beatles make a cameo:

"Well, shake it up, baby..."

"...twist and shout..."

"Come on, come on, come on, baby, now..."

"Come on and work it on out..."

"The way you twist little gi--guy..."

"You twist so good. You've got me going now, just like you knew you would!"

Evidently all that twisting and shouting, though quite good for us, was hell on the g-string.

"Let me have a look. A very, very, very, and I do mean, very close look."

It's off to the showers with this one...

Is there anything quite as much fun as watching a magnificent bare male ass as it walks away ?

What this guy lacks in stirring looks, he more than makes up for with great legs...

Ya' gotta love a friend who lends a hand to help get it right.

 Did I say purple was great for attention?  Well, let's add yellow to that list...

And now turquoise makes an entrance...

Ah, Boby Ryan in Royal Blue. How....fitting given his princely qualities. 

If you feel you aren't making any points with the judges, try the up close and personal approach...

Who misinformed this one that gay men and straight women like guys who act like monkeys?

And we end with my favorite, the beloved Michael Scratch....

...strutting his stuff... the delight of all! 

*sigh*  That's the perfect capper. 

To download the video, follow the link below:

More in the coming week! 

Editors note:  I have made a mistake (perhaps the third one in my life). The man who made all of this possible, drunkeyes40, was extremely sweet and polite about telling me that he is not, in fact, Canadian, but British. He didn't care in the least and was just as happy to be considered a part of the Commonwealth, but I didn't want to misrepresent him here.  I must say that I am not surprised that DE40 is from the United Kingdom, because that great nation has the second largest following on this board, after the United States. Something about my tastes and my sense of humor always jibes with the Brits, so if there are any Londoners out there who can offer me a job, I am happy to entertain it. :)


  1. Another great episode and the booty is nice to see shakin'! Thanks Derek and de40, and looking forward to some more. :)

  2. I love the part with Bobby where the women are just staring at his butt for who knows how long (I personally could stare at it for hours after all), and the host had to interrupt to say that he probably shouldn't worry about being cut haha.

  3. Yet another great post! I must say I like g-strings. I see them as sort of like jock straps in that they frame the ass, but g-strings frame each cheek lol & no I don't think there's much that equals a mans ass walking, & I've studied this quite a bit!