Monday, August 20, 2012


Breaking from tradition, I am going to highlight two beautiful men for Model Monday, and after you see them you will know why I couldn't pick between them.  They are both from Houston, a city that Dreamers will know was picked by Forbes magazine as the coolest city in America. 

First up is bodybuilder, fitness trainer and blond adonis...


I ask you, is a bathing suit being worn any better in the world at this very moment?  If a certain British spy were a woman, let's say Jane Bond, then John would be the perfect Bond Guy, the male answer to Ursula Andress...

As mentioned, here he is a former competitor on the body building circuit...

But it is modeling barely-there clothing that will be his claim to fame...

Anyone can look great in arty photos, but such skills make John look even more magnificent...

I don't know the history of the pictures, so I can only assume that the Alpha and Omega tattoos are from new shots with the brilliant photographer Jay Fuertez

Speaking of James Bond, here is John sporting the look...

...and then we jump to him in sporty looking workout wear.

Evidently all the great names in underwear are putting John's considerable charms to work!

This shirt comes with instructions, but really?  
Would any of us have to be told how to put this to great use? 

More needless instructions....

Back to clothed...

...and back to less.

Framed and ready to be every possible way. 

The only one on the fence about John's hotness is John. 

Here's a series of great pics done in blue hues....

John was a finalist in's Fitness Models of the year. Here's a clip of how he gained such acclaim...

Here John proves why he is a model in constant demand...

If John Odom is the fair haired, fair skinned salt, with a seasoned body, then his spicy and dark toned, dark haired pepper counterpart is...


Now that's another Bond Guy. Eric makes you wish you were a swimming suit, doesn't he?  

Eric has a lot more artier type modeling work under his belt, and seems to be less a fitness model, though he's just as muscular in a leaner way.

A spread of great photos of the classic American cowboy done by the wonderful Carlo Aria....

If you were going to just hang around, who better to do it with...

These all done by the genius of Jorge Rivas. 

If John has conquered underwear, then Eric is taking over bathing suit photography....

Still, Eric does a mighty fine turn when fully clothed, too....

...but still, why cover up those magnificent legs?

Eric also is a bodybuilder, and this video tells about his morning prep for a competition.

John Odom and Eric Turner are indeed a perfect pairing for Model Monday.

Oh, did I forget to mention the other reason I paired them?  It's because they are already a pair. John and Eric have been a couple for a few years now. John was living in Houston and Eric was living in Salt Lake City, and they were each preparing for a bodybuilding event.  Long story short, they met, they hit it off and they are engaged to be married! 

A video of them at Houston's AIDS Walk.

On second thought, screw that Jane Bond concept. Let James Bond relish these magnificent men just as we do, like a secret agent cocktail, in these MORE revealing pics...


I LOVE the tease of this one...

And the Pièce de résistance...


And the crowning beauty....

How's that for two of the Great American West's favorite sons?  Somebody should kiss someone. 

Ah, good!

Best wishes and much love to Eyecons' first Model Monday couple



  1. I probably might lust just a tad more for John--that butt is the most powerful thing I've ever seen!! But they're both quite hot and make a lovely couple. I'm happy for them that they've found someone and wish them much happiness--that was a nice surprise Derek! Thanks!

  2. I usually go for the darker featured fellas, but John melts my butter the most between the two, too. I was actually only going to post John for Model Monday and then I ran across the very last picture that I posted (just above us) and found out about his relationship with Eric.Then I just had to devote the page to them both. It's a shame they can't procreate. Imagine the children they'd have!

  3. Good grief! This post needs a warning label! I couldn't decide actually, they both get me but each for different reasons. SO I'd take both, gift wrapping not needed lol

    They are an adorable couple though :) As for the James Bond angle, they could be the male equivalent of Drew Barrymore & Debi Mazar's Sugar & Spice except for Bond instead of Two Face.

  4. That's a great idea, tri. and not that it's being offered, but can you imagine a three way with these two? I really don't think I could breathe. I would just be heaving and sighing the whole time....not that that is an entirely bad thing. ;)

  5. they are no longer together

  6. Well, that's sad to hear, but I am sure they have moved on to new and wonderful things. I wish them both the best!

  7. Sorry to bust the bubble guys, but they broke up in June of 2011.