Monday, September 17, 2012


It's tradition in America that we consider the end of summer to be Labor Day weekend, which is the first weekend of September. After that, we are back to school, American football season begins in schools and for pros, summer homes are closed down, pools are covered, etc. However, as anyone knows, summer continues for another three weeks.

I happen to be in that small crowd who doesn't believe in pulling the pall over summer quite as fast. As a lover of summer, I want it to last for as long as we can make it. Still, ye old calendar says that summer must end on September 22.  So, as a final goodbye to that season of beaches, picnics, hunks running shirtless in the park and my good friend David Asset turning heads at nude beaches, I am giving today's Model Monday crown to the gorgeous sailor who has graced Eyecons summer banner...


Bo was born November 8, 1985, in Sarasota, Florida. He formerly worked on the riot squad at a jail, and was discovered by a photographer while he was cage fighting. He has also done work under the name Bo Berta, but don't think that means he has a porn past. For if he does, I haven't found it...and I'VE been looking!

Not to sound too judgey here, but I've always found cage fighters to be an odd breed; the types with true anger issues. If Bo has any such issues, he hides it well in his pictures. 

Touch my monkey!  TOUCH my MONKEY!
Aw, how can you fear a guy who hugs his monkey?  Maybe Bo is the exception to the typical cage fighters. Her certainly exudes a certain sweetness in his pictures. 


Bo has been busy at work, modeling for UnderGEAR and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and has been the subject of photos by some of the best photographers in the biz, including... 

Starting with the Eyeconic sailor pic that we've come to love...

Being athletic...

And other stuff....

It is heartening to learn that Bo is getting into acting and has been in two films so far. Hopefully he will find plenty of work...on Cinemax!

Already we know that he is versatile. Just look at these different colors of his personality...





Crowds are beginning to mob him wherever he goes...

Just how does one apply for THIS particular job?

DNA coverboy not once, but....


Bo can also be seen smoldering in black and white...

But Bo is at his best in living color and barely clothed...




  1. Now I really like mma/UFC/cage fighting but to potentially destroy that gorgeous face? Criminal!!! He is truly beautiful.

  2. I'm not saying goodbye to summer and those nude beaches, just yet, Derek, although I truly appreciate your shout-out! I'm heading off to Palm Beach, Florida in about a week. I plan to have my birthday photos taken on the nude beach Haulover Beach and if all goes well, I'll be posting them on my blog at on my birthday in January.

  3. They're all so beautiful and smooth or hairy (the hairy IS a treat though!) such a delight! I do love the shear perfection of David Vance in his undies--umm ummmm! Thanks Derek!

  4. LOL I thought that sailor type hat was familiar--David's your banner boy! Duh! :)

  5. Que hermosura, con este tío mi cipote acabaría despellejado.

  6. Que bárbaro, que tío tan masculino y viril, para tenerlo todo el día encima.

  7. Me encanta con vello en el cuerpo, le hace más macho y más viril. Durante años fue el hombre de mis sueños, recuerdo en el internado las pajas que me hacia por la noche derrochando energia mientras pensaba en fantasias con él. Ahora con diecinueve años he conocido a mi chico, es muy del tipo a Bo. Alto, fuerte, muy varonil y viril, tiene 21 años y con él he tenido mi primera esperiencia. Curioso es que mi chico me hace todas las fantasias que yo soñaba, aún que los dos primeros meses lo pasé bastante mal. Me costaba trabajo soportar las penetraciones de su gruesa y fuerte polla.