Sunday, August 12, 2012


With its rich bevy of rock music, Great Britain brought a joyous and fun close to what has been a very exciting Olympics. We set our clocks for the next Winter Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014, and then we'll see the first games ever played in South America, the 2016 Games of Rio De Janeiro.

Did you know that the four year period between the Summer Olympics is actually what we call "Olympiad?"  I was not aware of that. I honestly thought that Olympiad referred to the actual activities. As of now we are in the Olympiad that will end in Rio. 

We will have to wait another four years to witness the hotness level that these brought us. In fact, being the 30th meant that it was XXX, and that's exactly the sexiness level of this year's athletes. London is definitely a sexy city, but let's not kid ourselves, Rio is perhaps the sexiest city in the world. Can you imagine just how XXX-rated theirs is going to be?  Let's all pool our money now and plan to be there for XXXI, and put the "I" in "XXX."  See you in Rio!

As for now, let us enjoy the parade of male pulchritude that graced London 2012! Here are the male rock stars who graced the XXX Games...


Rhys Howden ~ Australia ~ Water Polo

Bjorn Otto ~ Germany ~ Pole Vault

Tom Daley ~ United Kingdom ~ Diving

 Chad Le Clos ~ South Africa ~ Swimming

 David Boudia ~ USA ~ Diving

  James Magnussen ~ Australia ~ Swimming

 Jordan Burroughs ~ USA ~ Wrestler

 Julian Reus ~ Germany ~ Track & Field

 Matthew Mitcham ~ Australia ~ Diving
(and one of few openly gay at these games)

  Nathan Adrian ~ USA ~ Swimming

  Nick Symmonds ~ USA ~ Running

 Oscar Pistorious ~ South Africa ~ Running
(also to compete in the Paralympics)

Björn Barrefors ~ Sweden ~ Decathlon 

Hans Van Alphen ~ Belgium ~ Decathlon

Saúl Craviotto & Carlos Pérez 
Spain ~ Canoeing

Usain Bolt ~ Jamaica ~ Running

 Phillip Boy ~ Germany ~ Gymnastics

 Robbie Grabarz ~ United Kingdom ~ High Jumper

 Ryan Lochte ~ USA ~ Swimming

 Marc Minguell ~ Spain ~ Water Polo

 Tomás González  ~ Chile ~ Gymnastics

Trey Hardee  ~ USA ~ Decathlon




And that, friends, is all she wrote for the London Olympics. My many thanks to my friends at Just A Dream for capping this wonderful collection, and making the event even more fun and more sexy. The London 2012 Summer Games are officially over!

See you lads in Rio! 


  1. Wow! Lots of hunks to enjoy--London did put on quite a successful games, as evidenced by your wonderful post alone--thanks Derek! And I just love the wonderful expressions of Michael Phelps's new buddy Chad Le Clos, who we'll be watching for in Rio!! Woohoo!

    (BTW--That blond Aussie hottie with the Missile James Magnussen looks a lot like my future husband Andrew Lauterstein. And don't anybody accuse me of being a cradle-robbing Dingo! LOL!)

  2. Wow, I'm surprised the whole venue didn't burst into flames! Damn! The guys at JaD did do a wonderful job with their updates & posts :)

    Matthew just stole my heart in '08 though, he's just so damned adorable! Danell came close this Olympics, but not quite.

    Thank you Derek for a great wrap up!

    P.S. I liked the water polo event, but those swimming caps irritate me to no end. I know they're protective & functional but geez! lol