Saturday, July 7, 2012


A week ago it was my determination to have a Stripper Week in celebration of Magic Mike, but then we had the derecho (I just love saying that word) and that knock out all such plans. So now I am still trying to catch up with what I had planned to do. 

Stretching Stripper Week just a bit longer, today our Fab 40+ is Jonathan Aube, a dark-haired, handsome hottie who was born in New Berlin, New Hampshire, June 21, 1969.

Jonathan first came to the attention of Gayville when he starred in the stripper film Just Can't Get Enough.  It was about a scandal and a murder and some shenanigans and then boom! Pow!  Chippendales!  Seriously, that's all you need to know: Chippendales was born out of a scandal. It's not like you thought the Pope had a role in ordaining it or some such, is it?

As with so many films about male strippers, Aube and other actors in the film (including the hotness of J.P. Pitoc) are not shown nude. In an interview, Aube said that nudity would be going too far, which begs the question, What is the freakin' point of making a movie about male strippers if not to go too far? This film involves a murder. Wouldn't that be more disturbing?  A chaste version of this story is like Gone With the Wind with the war scenes removed. Just check out that pornstache Aube is forced to wear.  That's more obscene than any nudity would have been. Also, let's keep it all in's a fucking male stripper movie!  The whole POINT of this exercise is for men to get naked. Sheesh!

Anyhoo, Aube has had a wonderful modeling career to complement his acting work.  As he has aged, he has gotten rounder faced, and his overly dyed hair isn't helping him look any less like a soccer dad. 

He has an illustrious portfolio of fitness modeling under his belt...


I wonder if he has a *ahem* strong stroke (pretend I have a clever emoticon here)?

Hypnosis graduate?  Why take classes to learn how to hypnotize people when you have a smile like that, which can do the job for free?

Like so many hot men, including Humpday Hottie Michael Scratch, Jonathan has attracted the eye of photographers and artists for romance novels...

Here he was the model for an avenging angel...

Guys will make passes at guys who wear glasses if the guy who wears glasses has one of the best asses....

Winnie if you like what you see...

Just LOVE a man in a suit...

 ...almost as much as a man out of a suit...

Like a fine wine, Jonathan Aube is aging wonderfully....

Now would some savvy producer get him into a film wherein we get to to enjoy the view of his ass that we were cheated out of in the ironically titled Just Can't Get Enough?


  1. I guess it's a tribute to the guy that I can't tell which pics are of a "more mature" Jonathan and which are early ones. He looks great and is worthy of those covers and ads.

  2. He's a beauty all right! He looks amazing with the facial fuzz.

  3. Isn't he great, guys? Another one whom I would think would be a bigger star. I will never understand Hollywood!

  4. Jonathan was dynamite as the owner of a strip club in "Just Can't Get Enough." Strange, though, is that while his cohorts easily jiggled and pranced around in G-strings, our gorgeous Jonathan never once removed his britches--while exhibiting a fabulous upper torso. I, and other viewers I've talked to, am curious as to why this was the case--in a movie devoted to stripping away the clothes of sizzling hot men--and Jonathan out-sizzled them all!

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