Thursday, July 19, 2012


So, here we are on day 2 of Magic Mike Week with the hunks of Strip Search Canada.  As with all things, everything has a beginning, and Mama Rose isn't the only one who is hustling for that big audition. 

Can you imagine going to the homes of these hotties and getting them to strip for you?  How do you get a job like that?  What would have to be on one's résumé to get that gig?

That's not a rhetorical question. I really want to know!  Tell me so that I can get the qualifications. Is there a class in wearing a thong at community colleges?  And advance placement service for buttless chaps wearers? I'll do anything. 

The Canuck hunks (Canunks?) are more than eager to share their virtues with the *ahem* talent scouts. Here's my favorite moment from the entire series:  Bobby Ryan strutting his stuff in a dancing studio...

Something about that all comes together in a way that just melts my butter. There's something about the strut in his moves, the curl of his lip, the sexy expression he is wearing. Youch! Bobby is not my usual type, but in this case, I will happily make an exception. 

Today's video creation from my collaboration with drunkeyes40 is the video AUDITIONS...

Of the many men, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, to try out for the show, DE40 and I agreed that there were only three good auditions:


This piece of hotness auditioned in a backyard with his friends and family present. He plays lacrosse (a sexy sport!) and his teammates are there to cheer him on.



Could there be a better ad for Joe Boxer?  Ah, just a preview of what is to come! 

The video above is available at the following link:

Stay Tuned! More Strip Search Canada to come!  

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  1. They're all cute, but I'd like to get Bobby alone! Another nice video--thanks!