Monday, July 9, 2012


There must be something in the air in the United Kingdom that is floating so many great models my way. Today was the dedication of The Shard in London's business district. It is not only the city's tallest structure, but now the tallest building in Europe. Phallic jokes abound, as they always do when tall buildings are completed, but I am going to leap over them in a single bound and celebrate a new Brit who is conquering the modeling world.  A marker in Westminster Abbey sings "O rare Ben Jonson," and rarity must be a trait for those with that name.  Located in Leeds and 20 years old, I give to you Tom Johnson.

What is it about a raven-haired man that makes him so perfectly suited for wearing black or red? Emporio Armani makes wonderful underwear, but there's no denying that Tom makes those black briefs look like they should be hanging in a museum...and if they were, we could see what is hanging beneath them.

Back in the 80s, there was a model named Tom Johnson and he had that quintessential soap opera handsomeness...

 ...oh, but this Tom Johnson transcends the simplicity and insufficiency of the word "handsome."  This Tom is nothing short of beautiful...

British photographer Gilles Crofta does some of the best work in the business, and no wonder. He works with only the most beautiful of men and makes them look even more extraordinary.  Lately Tom has been one of his brightest muses...

Traffic cone orange never looked so good, but then, rather than keeping me off limits, this would just make me want to impede the barrier. 

How about a tank top and no underwear....


What is the sound of one crow crowing? 

I don't know the answer. I was too transfixed by that face.

Now back to Emporio Armani...

Tom is also a spokesmodel for LA Muscle, which I took to mean Los Angeles, of course, but it's British, so I guess it means Leeds Area. ;)

Let me kiss a boo boo!

We started with the man in black, so we will finish with the man in white...

I hope Armani and Calvin Klein are paying him well, because he has got to be moving loads of their underwear!

Comcast Cable and Internet sucks Donkey Dicks.  Whatever you do, avoid them like the fricking plauge. DO NOT GET YOUR INTERNET THROUGH THEM! Stay with the phone company or whoever your provider is!  


  1. WOW ! You do like them BIG! He's a beauty. Keep up the good work. David Asset

  2. Good grief!! Beautiful is right. The jacket pics, especially the leather one, are amazing! I also love men in dress shirts & underwear, preferably open shirts. Gorgeous!

  3. LOL, David! Funny thing is that I like stacked guys who are usually no taller than 5'10". But I just can't resist the muscles. No matter what, they have to have great legs, and that usually guarantees a great upper body.

    Exactly, Tri. For me, the whole beauty of seeing a guy naked starts with seeing him fully dressed (as David has proven so brilliantly at his own blog, Natural City Man). Watching this beauty get fewer and fewer clothes is all part of the thrill!

  4. eres unos de los mejores modelos qeu admiro en esta vida y espero que continues con tu carrera y tu buena personalidad que no cambie