Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, anyone who's anyone in Gayville knows that Magic Mike premiered this weekend. Therefore I am declaring this Stripper Week.  Each of the posts for the coming week will be themed with strippers in one way or another. 

As for this week's Fab 40+, I am not really running late. At least I am not at fault. My power was off for 24 hours, and is explained at the bottom of this post.

This week's Fab 40+ is dedicated to that paragon of shirtlessness, Matthew McConaughey, who--for no reasonable reason--has ever gotten a shorter nickname from the public. It's a mouthful of an Irish name, but no one has ever really, effectively shortened it. How....queer. Sexy Reksy and the good folks at Just a Dream have begun calling him Matty Mac, and that is good enough for me. Born in Uvalde, Texas,  November 4, 1969, I present to you Matthew McConaughey...

Of course I've gone into much detail at JustADream about my personal interaction with Matty Mac on the film We Are Marshall. For those who may not be JaD forum users, I will enlighten.

A few years ago, Warner Brothers made a film about my alma mater, Marshall University, and the plane crash that took the lives of the school's entire football team and 30 other coaches, staff and community members. Called We Are Marshall, the movie starred Matty Mac as the replacement head coach and Matthew Fox as the surviving assistant coach. The movie cast and crew were here for three weeks filming and I got to be an extra AND work with the director of the documentary made to promote the film. All of this meant that I was around Matty Mac quite a bit. 

People perceive Matty Mac as a good ol' Texas boy with a down to earth personality and aw shucks charm.  Trust me, that ain't him. 

He is not unpleasant, but not really a charmer either.  Don't confuse that warm personality you see in interviews  with who he really is. Few people in Hollywood take themselves as seriously. He loves being a star and expects you to be as obeisant and worshipful, as should be required by law. He is very impressed with himself and is not a fan of eye contact. 

Nonetheless, I must say that few in this world have an ass as impressive as his.  

Seriously, whenever he left a room, his ass was a good ten seconds behind him. All eyes, female and gay, craned to enjoy the view. I have one friend who saw Matty Mac running on the school track and then saw him in the locker room, and though straight, my friend said that he just had to check out his package in the shower. He proclaimed that he found Matt to be average.  Now, this is coming from a straight man, so I am not sure if his assessment is kind, unfair or indifferent. 

What is truly a mystery to me, though, is the question of why McConaughey has failed to act with his ass. He seemed to so idolize Paul Newman that he wanted to be taken seriously on a level like that.  However, Paul Newman acted in and directed Tennessee Williams plays on Broadway. He was in the original cast of Sweet Bird of Youth, no less. Now THAT'S acting!  McConaughey would have been a natural in the same material like Sweet Bird, as well as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Long Hot Summer, and even Hud. Though clearly never as good as Newman, Matty Mac would never have embarrassed himself in such material, having proven to be rather good in films like John Sayles' Texas gothic Lone Star, Steven Spielberg's underrated Amistad, as the gnostic scientist in Contact, and the recent hit, The Lincoln Lawyer. If his career had been full of material like that, it might have made sense that he avoided nudity.

But it was not. 

I am not going to list the number of lame rom-coms that he appeared in. He has gone through every leading lady of his generation: Kate Hudson (twice), Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Penelope Cruz, just for starters, and all with varying results. 

Most importantly, Matty Mac had THIS in his past...


It came from a session with a photog in Texas, who was paid off quickly to make the rest of the pics go away. I am convinced it was less to do with Matty Mac's vanity and more to hide the fact that this man is more serious about being a narcissist than an actor. Anyone who has ever seen him in any interview can figure out that much. 

McConaughey had three very clear opportunities for nudity in three different movies:

  • A Time to Kill--His starmaking role had him standing in front of Sandra Bullock, with only his shirt tail covering his pert posterior. Does she lift the shirt for a view?  Yes. Does the camera share it with us?  Of course not!
  • ED TV--Some love scenes in which his character is followed by cameras, in which the idea of showing his naked body to the world would have been an obvious moment, but he does no more than get shirtless
  • Boys on the Side--The most galling of all because this was before Matty Mac was famous, he has a great bedroom scene with Drew Barrymore and the fucking film (as evidenced by its title) is about women seizing the day and objectifying the men!  As usual, it's all smoke and mirrors to lure the ladies in and watch as they get treated like shit by the men, and the men are treated with all the PG-rated chastity of monks

But Time is a queer mistress (yes, I know--I've used that word twice in this post, with little if any irony), and nothing makes the narcissistic actors flee to nudity more quickly than hearing that other hotties have arrived, and these hotties are not only willing to bare ass, but are eager to do so. 

Hence it is that, with Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer snipping at his heels, this year, at the age of 42, Matty Mac bares tail in not just Magic Mike, but also in Mud and the much delayed but hotly anticipated Killer Joe

It's no secret that he is practically naked everywhere he goes...

And while he does look good when dressed...

Naked, he's a star!

The closest Matty Mac had come to showing us the goods up to this point was in the cable broadcast of the film Two for the Money. Here are some caps all thanks to my friend Casperfan at Just a Dream...

I know I am not alone when I say that is an ass just MADE for being played like bongos (slipped that reference in rather stealthily, didn't I?). 

Casperfan's wonderful video capture is here....

By the way, if you don't have Casperfan's blog bookmarked, do yourself a favor and do so now.  It's not only one of the best online, but one the seven blog role models for my site and who are shown in my Eyeconic Links list.

No, go see Matty Mac act with his ass in Magic Mike

I am actually not a day late with my Friday Fab 40+.  I had no choice in the matter. A bizarre windstorm blew in to West Virginia and Virginia yesterday afternoon, and trees were leveled, cars destroyed and power was knocked out to 500,000 residents in this state alone, and I was one of them.  Family was coming in from Philly, I had no power and the temps were around 100!  It was not a great night. I had to find a hotel room for my family, and didn't get electric back until about 2 PM today!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a new crush. It is one of those rare crushes that is both romantic and sexual. I am going to fight my every urge to make a pun out of his name and move right past the low hanging fruit of saying "If you've got an itch, then..."   Nope. Nosiree!  Not going to stoop to that one. 

Gentlemen and Gentlemen, I present to you...Michael Scratch!

To fully appreciate Michael Scratch, you have to imagine how he was made.  I see actor hottie Michael Ontkean (who graced us in the film Making Love, about gay men, back in the day when such a thing was truly risky) at the peak of his beauteous youth, being filtered through an Italian lens and given the body of a pro athlete....

The man has an awesome body to match that hang dog Italian face and dark brown hair. 

How often do you get actors who do sexy shots like this one?

The best part, though, is that Michael isn't just an actor, but one who has appeared in the Cinemax soft core series Lingerie.  Even better, he's not one of those pussy actors who wants to be seen balling the girl but never seen naked. This is one of the best series Cinemax has featured, and Michael is arguably the most beautiful man to grace one of their Friday night skin series since Paul Michael Robinson in Emmanuelle in Space

Moreover, you get to see that body naked in various scenes on a weekly basis. Add this to True Blood as one of my required weekly fixes.


I am deliberately starting with the very least of Michael's scenes.  In a three-way with two women (what else?) in the appropriately titled episode Three's a Crowd, Michael is sometimes the meat in the sandwich these women are making...

Oh, did I fail to mention that the man has an ass carved out of marble...

Yes, I know, there are a lot of titties in this post, but it's the price we pay to get to see a guy like this! 

I say, let's look at that scissored-legged position just a little more...


For your viewing pleasure, a video of the man, the myth, my future ex-husband...

Enjoy the live scene here...

And, as always, here is the download of the video for your entertainment. Enjoy, but remember, there will be more Michael Scratch to come.  As soon as this board gets its legs, I will be unveiling some of his best, shall I say "body" of work!

Michael Scratch in Lingerie-Three's a Crowd M4V

Monday, June 25, 2012


It took me a while to figure out who would be the first model to get the designation of Model Monday.  I wanted someone who was more than handsome, more than beautiful. I wanted someone who had all the vitals of good looks, and naturally my requirement of great legs.  But even more, I wanted someone who exuded a little something extra, and who hasn't really made his splash just yet. 

I was not interested in someone who drops trou at the drop of a hat (Benjamin Godfre) nor the opposite end of the spectrum, the prudish model who keeps his pants at top mast, lest the curves of his ass show (too many to name). I finally decided to go with a model who is just getting started, Luis Guerra.

From Monterrey, Nuevo León, which is in northern Mexico.  It doesn't help that as Mexican names go, Luis Guerra is somewhat akin to John Smith in the U.S. or Canada. So trying to find more pictures of him will result in an ocean of men sharing his name.

Luis has just gotten started with an American modeling agency by the name of Fresh Faces, which to me sounds more like an organic routine for your skin:  "have a healthy glow simply by wearing your salad instead of eating it!"  Then again, I am guessing the good people at Fresh Faces probably think that a blog called Eyecons is about sightings of escaped convicts. Touché, Fresh Faces. Touché!

Like so many of those agencies with safe-sounding, Middle American names, which usually emanate out of Dallas, there are no truly risque pics of their models.  It's all very PG-rated, as if there is a demand for that sort of thing. 

We can just happily play along for now if it gives us more models like Luis....

Now that I've sufficiently dissed them, I will say that Fresh Faces has a wonderful photographer (or more than one). All of those shots are wonderfully lit and are truly eyeconic in nature. They each capture Luis to his best advantage. There's no denying the salability of a model who looks this perfect. I look forward to more from Luis, especially after working with more risqué photographers.

Luis didn't just pop up out of nowhere on the modeling scene. He has been a bodybuilder  and has his own site,  It is there that I found these wonderful pics showing a confident smile...

...wonderfully beefy legs....

 ...and a bubblicious butt!

Remember the name Luis Guerra, and remember you heard it hear fir--well, you've probably heard it a lot on Spanish speaking television, but you will be hearing it a lot more in the modeling world!