Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a new crush. It is one of those rare crushes that is both romantic and sexual. I am going to fight my every urge to make a pun out of his name and move right past the low hanging fruit of saying "If you've got an itch, then..."   Nope. Nosiree!  Not going to stoop to that one. 

Gentlemen and Gentlemen, I present to you...Michael Scratch!

To fully appreciate Michael Scratch, you have to imagine how he was made.  I see actor hottie Michael Ontkean (who graced us in the film Making Love, about gay men, back in the day when such a thing was truly risky) at the peak of his beauteous youth, being filtered through an Italian lens and given the body of a pro athlete....

The man has an awesome body to match that hang dog Italian face and dark brown hair. 

How often do you get actors who do sexy shots like this one?

The best part, though, is that Michael isn't just an actor, but one who has appeared in the Cinemax soft core series Lingerie.  Even better, he's not one of those pussy actors who wants to be seen balling the girl but never seen naked. This is one of the best series Cinemax has featured, and Michael is arguably the most beautiful man to grace one of their Friday night skin series since Paul Michael Robinson in Emmanuelle in Space

Moreover, you get to see that body naked in various scenes on a weekly basis. Add this to True Blood as one of my required weekly fixes.


I am deliberately starting with the very least of Michael's scenes.  In a three-way with two women (what else?) in the appropriately titled episode Three's a Crowd, Michael is sometimes the meat in the sandwich these women are making...

Oh, did I fail to mention that the man has an ass carved out of marble...

Yes, I know, there are a lot of titties in this post, but it's the price we pay to get to see a guy like this! 

I say, let's look at that scissored-legged position just a little more...


For your viewing pleasure, a video of the man, the myth, my future ex-husband...

Enjoy the live scene here...

And, as always, here is the download of the video for your entertainment. Enjoy, but remember, there will be more Michael Scratch to come.  As soon as this board gets its legs, I will be unveiling some of his best, shall I say "body" of work!

Michael Scratch in Lingerie-Three's a Crowd M4V


  1. I love Michael. His first time on TV was actually as a contestant for the Canadian version of Strip Search, where he was one of the final strippers as well naturally. He had the best ass shot in that series where he was lying on a table getting his legs waxed in a thong.

  2. He's a very hot guy and I'm really looking forward to more--appetite has been definitely whetted! I would expect he could be just as hot unshaved as shaved. Strip Search--I've kind of forgotten that show, but boy I'd love to see his appearance on it!

  3. Great information, deyes40. Thanks for sharing it with us. If you have any info on where we can lay our hands on a video of that, we'd love to hear it. Michael Scratch is just a beautiful man with a magnificent body. His ass is just amazing.

  4. If you're comfortable with torrents, I know has all the episodes. Just make sure to search "Strip Search" with the "Torrent Name" box checked.
    However I can maybe do you one better; I already have the files and can see if I can make video clips out of them. Send them to you somehow (maybe through messages on JAD) and you can use them exclusively for your blog.

  5. Wow, that would be awesome, man! Of course you will get full credit. And how appropriate with Magic Mike coming out today. In fact, you've given me a great idea....

    If you can make the video clips and send them (or exchange them through site) that would be perfect. Thanks!

  6. Almost done with making the clips, sent you a message on JAD.

  7. deyes40

    I tried to download the torrent but they dont let me register a new accont, could you upload the series on a file hosting site maybe. Im dying to watch.

  8. awesome threesome, handsome muscled guy and beautiful girls, what a scene!!!