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Finally I am going with an actor who is not just well past 40, but halfway through his 50s. Born January 15, 1957 in Mexico City, to actor and director Melvin Van Peebles, this gorgeous piece of husband material was raised in New York City. I give you Mario Van Peebles.

Some guys exude sexiness. Some exude sweetness. Many exude masculine brashness, others exude macho swagger, while some exude gentleness. Mario is a guy who accomplishes the quinella of exuding all five. Classically handsome, he is also quite smart. He earned a business degree from Columbia University in New York, and first worked the mayor's film office in the department of film financing so that he could become acquainted with the process, and be in control of his own projects. 

While anyone gay or female is well aware of Mario's charms, he never became the household name that  he should have. He has been in acclaimed films such as Clint Eastwood's Heartbreak Ridge and the Richard Gere film, The Cotton Club.  I most enjoyed him in the 1980s TV series Sonny Spoon, in which he played hot (what else?) but cool (natch) private investigator, just as PIs were fading from the television idiom. 

He had been in a few films when he got his actual break on the soap One Life to Live. Unfortunately I can't find a single picture of him on that show, but here is one circa 1983, around the time he was on it...

Throughout the 80s he made the circuit on all of TV's best programs:  The Cosby Show, L.A. Law, 21 Jump Street and into the 90s on In Living Color

It's hard to believe that someone who looks like he does in that picture above could even have been around in the 80s, but was he ever!

As further proof, here he is in that flat top haircut that was so popular in the decade of big, wild hair...

And he STILL pulls it off (and I bet he is glad that he didn't have zig zags or lightning bolts cut into the sides)!  Surprising that the almost straight line that is the top of his head goes pretty well with that carved chin and jawline. 

I ask you, could just anyone pull off this all-leather outfit?

As with all beautiful men, what would look funny on most of us, becomes sexy and striking on him.

Of course, I just want to strip him out of all that and tie him up...

...but it looks like someone already beat me to it. 

And speaking of leather, here he is in brown...

One of Mario's greatest claims to fame is as a director of the hit New Jack City in 1991.

 Constantly active, Mario is frequently seen on the indie film circuit...

And if you thought he looked great in leather, just check him out in an all black suit...

Indie film is in Mario's blood. His father is Melvin Van Peebles, who gave himself a nude scene in his 1974 film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.  Mario made a film called Baaddasssss about the experience of indie filmmaking, especially in the 1970s before it was chic. Mario played his father and also gave himself a replay of the same nude scene. You gotta love a family with such traditions! 

Just check out that body, and this is when the man was 49. He has the chest and arms of a 25 year old!

Here is Mario with his father, obviously giving each other support! Ha ha!  Best supporting actors! LOL!  Somebody stop me! 

Lately Mario has been sporting longer hair that I can't say I am fond of. It looks a little too young for him. Nonetheless, he pulls off whatever look he wants. 

Badass is not the only film in which Mario has shared with us his considerable assets. He had nude scene in the film Valentines Day (not to be confused with the Garry Marshall ensemble film) in which he has sex with a woman and we get to see wonderful shots of his round posterior. Unfortunately I cannot find pics nor a clip of that magic moment, but if you're willing to sit through at least half of the film, the link below will take you to the entire film on YouTube:

What I can offer is a very near repeat of the same scene in the movie Raw Nerve...

That's Nicolette Sheridan underneath him. She used to date Harry Hamiln. Some bitches got all the luck! 

Mario Van Peebles is proof that life past 40 and even 50 can be what we make of it. Good living and clear goals seem to have kept the worry of his face. Perhaps that is a diet we should all follow! 

 Eyecons' first Fab 50+ Mario Van Peebles!


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    1. I honestly didn't know he was that old! If I stopped to think of it I should have realized, butt... ;) He's always been a very handsome man. I like that he's always so dignified & debonair.

      I've always liked him, my favorite of his is Full Eclipse, where he's a werewolf. I also liked New Jack City (Though I won't forgive him for giving us Chris Rock!)

      Edited to add a sentence.

  2. He was really sexy in Full Eclipse, and I was so disappointed when he didn't show his butt in that! When he bared bum in Valentines Day, it was like one of those YES! moments.

    You don't like Chris Rock, tri? I think he is hilarious. :)