Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've mentioned before that I have a constant pantheon of hotness, as I am sure you do.  Almost always, the ones who are on the list, made it in an instant. They are men that you look at and say to yourself that the world would be a lesser place without him in it. Each new viewing of him is a new experience in delight.  Such is the truth of today's fabulous 40+...


Born Timothy Christopher Adams on August 4, 1967 in Belleville, New Jersey, forty-five year old Tim made his debut in the soap opera Sunset Beach, a TV show with men as beautiful as the acting was bad. You couldn't really say that anything about the show worked except for the actors, who were smart enough to go along with this tastefully appointed nude picture of them all in one shot...

Clockwise: Timothy Adams, Jason George, Hank Cheyne & Dax Griffin 
I am not even sure you could get that kind of picture to even happen these days. Somewhere along the way, actors have gotten more conservative, even soap actors whose beauty is the first, second and last best asset. Surprisingly, there were even more where that came from...

Tim is an actor of limited talent but limitless beauty, and he is no fool about what people most enjoy about him. He is not afraid to give the public what they want, which is Tim in states of undress. This point was not lost on the producers of Sunset Beach, either. An afternoon was no complete until Tim showed up shirtless, which was relatively easy given that his character was a lifeguard.

Though he's from an East Coast state with its own great beaches, Tim has that perfect California blond beach boy look that makes him quite at home in the sand and surf...

 Tim is one of those guys who gives shirtlesness a good name...a VERY good name!

With hunkulous Universal Soldier Matt Battaglia, no less!

I once met a modeling agent who worked with Tim, and he said that Tim's former wife, MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes ruined Tim's personality.  The agent said that he was a great guy, but after her, he was impossible to work with, and had a very high opinion of his talents. For that reason, he has never had quite the stellar career that he could have had. 

The producers of Law & Order SVU did have the good wits about them to cast him in a scene in which he strips off his shirt in front of the lady in the room, and offers to go further, but--to the surprise of no one who watches American entertainment--he did not. 

Looking this good in a bathing suit, is it any wonder that Tim has been photographed wearing one and little else throughout his career? 

And here's a unique pic:  it's Tim with a shirt on, and no bottom...

Oh, if only that shot wasn't so cropped!

This shot accomplishes a similar sexiness...

And for those of you who may be thinking that Tim is not angel...

On the aptly named morning TV show, The View, Timothy showed up to give a sexy commentary on boxers versus briefs to Richard Lewis, who strives to be the unfunniest, least insightful comedian this side of Jay Leno.

Magazines, ads and book covers have coveted Tim's beauty, quite appropriately! 

In the words of Queen, "I've got to break free!"
Recently Tim has been playing a *gulp* doctor on the now defunct soap opera All My Children, and in the pilot of the TV show Unforgettable. What would have been unforgettable would have been to have seen Tim in a nude scene in a movie or TV show, but it hasn't happened, so far. One would think that he would be a natural for the casting departments to place in a hot flick, especially soft core, but clearly, he hasn't wanted to go that route.  Still looking awesome, let's hope that he does finally acquiesce while gravity is still his friend. 


My thanks as usual to xyzpdq for the use of his links for the video files!


  1. A classic hunk with a perfect trunk! I love the shot where he sexily stares with his privates covered by a tribble! It seems he even did a runway (maybe in underwear?) or two at some point. Great memories of a true hottie body!

  2. I did not know he was married to Daisy!! I remember reading, like one of the pics says, to exercise his chest, arms & shoulders he would walk everywhere on his hands.

    He is a gorgeous guy!!

    Thanks Derek :)