Monday, June 25, 2012


It took me a while to figure out who would be the first model to get the designation of Model Monday.  I wanted someone who was more than handsome, more than beautiful. I wanted someone who had all the vitals of good looks, and naturally my requirement of great legs.  But even more, I wanted someone who exuded a little something extra, and who hasn't really made his splash just yet. 

I was not interested in someone who drops trou at the drop of a hat (Benjamin Godfre) nor the opposite end of the spectrum, the prudish model who keeps his pants at top mast, lest the curves of his ass show (too many to name). I finally decided to go with a model who is just getting started, Luis Guerra.

From Monterrey, Nuevo León, which is in northern Mexico.  It doesn't help that as Mexican names go, Luis Guerra is somewhat akin to John Smith in the U.S. or Canada. So trying to find more pictures of him will result in an ocean of men sharing his name.

Luis has just gotten started with an American modeling agency by the name of Fresh Faces, which to me sounds more like an organic routine for your skin:  "have a healthy glow simply by wearing your salad instead of eating it!"  Then again, I am guessing the good people at Fresh Faces probably think that a blog called Eyecons is about sightings of escaped convicts. Touché, Fresh Faces. Touché!

Like so many of those agencies with safe-sounding, Middle American names, which usually emanate out of Dallas, there are no truly risque pics of their models.  It's all very PG-rated, as if there is a demand for that sort of thing. 

We can just happily play along for now if it gives us more models like Luis....

Now that I've sufficiently dissed them, I will say that Fresh Faces has a wonderful photographer (or more than one). All of those shots are wonderfully lit and are truly eyeconic in nature. They each capture Luis to his best advantage. There's no denying the salability of a model who looks this perfect. I look forward to more from Luis, especially after working with more risqué photographers.

Luis didn't just pop up out of nowhere on the modeling scene. He has been a bodybuilder  and has his own site,  It is there that I found these wonderful pics showing a confident smile...

...wonderfully beefy legs....

 ...and a bubblicious butt!

Remember the name Luis Guerra, and remember you heard it hear fir--well, you've probably heard it a lot on Spanish speaking television, but you will be hearing it a lot more in the modeling world! 


  1. Great choice for Monday Derek--and they may not be pro shots, but I just love the bodybuilding ones...those blue eyes are just lovely! I want to make love to, not war with Guerra!

  2. WOW! You certainly like 'em big. What a gorgeous hunk of man.

  3. Hi guys, the pics are from my good friend and excelent photographer Marco Reynosa,

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