Friday, June 15, 2012


Forty is the new thirty, or so they say, and if you are wondering who "they" are, then it might be me. Especially as I am edging toward 50, which is the new 40, until I turn 50, and then it will be the new 30, which will make 40 the new 20.  For those of us of a certain age, we'll call it "The New Math. " 

It is my hope to use every Friday to sing the praises hot men who are over 40, who seem to be flourishing these days. 

Let's just start with a man who isn't a household name (for no apparent reason), Mark Feuerstein. Born on June 8, 1971, this native New Yorker has been eye candy for the past 20 years as his fans have waited for him to break through. It is happening...bit by bit...just about to tear through the tape at any moment now. Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say, but in this case the "they" isn't me. 

I give to you, 41 year old Mark Feuerstein...

"Bay-ay-ay-bee, oh, bay-ay-ay-bee, one last kiss."  Conrad Birdie said it best. 

That last one, a classic Dewey the Campfire Slayer cap, is the closest Mark Markstein ever came to showing us his nice, round tail.  There's still time, Mark. We're waiting patiently. 


  1. Fabulous Feuerstein Friday! He looks all furry and just generally wonderful, and boy do I like your math--thanks D!

  2. I've lusted over Mark Feuerstein ever since that disastrous TV sitcom with Susanne Pleshette. What a hairy hunk of guy. Love the blog Derek. Keep up the good work. Also, will we be afforded a glimpse of Derek sans clothing on a Friday in the future?

  3. Thank you so much, Reks and David. That sitcom was so bad.....but we still watched it, didn't we? ;)

    If I had your natural gifts, I would be naked (or next to it) everywhere I went. Unfortunately I am too ectomorphic to to be of any such good. LOL! I haven't even appeared at JustADream sans painted-on mask! LOL!