Wednesday, June 13, 2012


16 days until the magic is unleashed! 

Anyone who has been on Planet Earth for the past year, and who appreciates male beauty, knows that this Steven Soderbergh film has been in development. There have been male strippers movies before, but they were always cheesy (A Night in Heaven), but this one promises to be something special.  Soderbergh worked with lead Channing Tatum on another film, and learned about his stripper past, of which--to his credit--he is not only unashamed, but eager to talk about. This led to a discussion about a film and, voila!  Magic Mike! 

Unlike other films, this one has A-list names stripping, as evidenced by those five names in the poster. Moreover, previews and caps have indicated that these A-listers are atypically getting naked or mostly so.  It's breaking all the unspoken heterosexual American male rules about nudity, male strippers, taboos, borders, and anything else they could think up. 

My good friends at Just A Dream have been eagle-eyed for more baring details. Board member Hermosa spied the "red band" trailer, which was the one with nudity, which was the one being used in Europe, of course. Then north, reks (a member here) and screamie came to our rescue even further with caps, clips and mpegs. 

Matthew McConaughey FINALLY does the strip routine he was designed for, and, let's not kid ourselves, he's been dying to do, once he established himself as a "serious actor." 

Matt Bomer reveals what we suspected all along:  that he has an ass carved out of marble. Thankfully he did not wait too long to get down to showing it. Yum!

Channing Tatum is a cunning actor. A straight man who can dance like a gay man, loves his gay audience, is completely comfortable in his skin and with exhibitionism, and fully evolved. This favorite son of Alabama is practically European in his sophistication. Thanks to him, we have this movie, and thanks to his workout, we have this ass....

There is a lot of talk about how Alex Pettyfer has been noticeably absent from the promotion of this film, although he is the second lead. Talk is that he's a bit of a diva, even though he's far from being a household name. Of course, dating Glee's gorgeous Diana Agron and also Elvis Presley's granddaughter would surely go to anyone's head. Nonetheless, it's Pettyfer's purty ass that we all covet...

This is not my favorite shot of Joe Mangianello. I have never been a fan of prosthetic dicks in films. They never look real, and anything that big really goes overboard. However, there is always room for some Mangianello skin!

Eyecons will be counting down the days until the release of Magic Mike

My first Blog video load is the R-rated video below. My apologies if it doesn't work properly. 


  1. You gotta hand it to Matthew Mac, he's a good bit older than the other guys, but that ass is cherce! The other Matthew and all the guys look positively delectable--the wait won't be long now! Thanks Derek!

  2. I know! I've said it a dozen times, but it is worth repeating: when Matty Mac was in Huntington to film "We Are Marshall," he would be halfway out of the room, but his ass was still there. It defied gravity. It was simply amazing. I can only speculate that he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor, and hence never gave us the bare bum shots we wanted. It makes no sense when he's half naked everywhere he goes!

  3. Oh, I'm sure watching him walking away leaves a lasting image in your mind--that ass has legs! ;)

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