Friday, October 19, 2012


Did you ever notice that there are some guys who are just plain sexy?  They walk into a room and all heads turn, even those of straight men. Often these men are not the most handsome or the cutes, though they clearly have these gifts. It's their movement, their smile, their confidence, all of which add up to make him riveting and ready to drop your pants for him at the slightest request. Such is the case with...


Jonathan Seda was born on October 14, 1970 in New York City, but grew up in Clifton, New Jersey. After high school Jon decided to be a boxer and was wonderfully successful, winning 21 out of 22 bouts! For that reason he has played a boxer in more than a few productions, and is often seen doing publicity in boxing poses....

Jon's parents moved to New York from Puerto Rico, but at different angles his Hispanic features can look slightly Asian, even a little bit Pinoy. How wonderful must it be to cover a spectrum of features from around the world. Wherever you go, you have automatic fans!  And now doubt, Jon has countless fans.

Always looking dapper in a suit...

Whatever office he is running for, I support him!

How handsome is this? *sigh*

The man is 42 but manages to always look like he's in his late 20s. What I wouldn't give for THAT combination. Here is Jon getting more casual...

Who be pimpin'?

My guess is that this is a documentary about Hispanic actors, but I, too, have a
Latino list, but if I have to tell you what mine lists then you are too PG rated for this site!

Standing between Jon and Kevin Alejandro is a woman that scientists call "Lucky Bitch."

Jon got his start acting quite appropriately in the boxing film 
The Gladiator, but he went on to other great things, especially
 his role in Homicide, which had him showing off his 
boxing skills. 


Jon's most notable role so far, though, is as World War II hero 
Sgt. John Barsilone in the HBO miniseries The Pacific.


Over the years Jon has been a sexy presence in a variety of movies and TV shows, and he has been willing to give us the beauteous goods in a variety of productions. 

Jon's sexy roles started with the film I Like it Like That, which gave us this glorious close up of his bare bum during a thrusting moment. 


Jon had a another chance to show off that pert ass in Primal Fear

Of course it was in the HBO series OZ about prison life (in a prison with the worst fatality rate in the country, if you added it all up) in which Jon gave his us most "cherce" piece of flesh.



(and my usual thanks to xyzpdq!)


  1. Another excellent choice, Derek! One of my favorites.

  2. A cute actor whose nude scenes are a pleasure--I like it like that indeed! Thanks for another one Derek!!

  3. Derek, get out of my head! ;) Yet another, I have liked forever! I first saw him in "I Like it Like That" with the wonderful Lauren Velez, whom he also hit on when she was the Dr on OZ, she is in one of the OZ collage pics up above.

    He also looked amazing in Selena. Long hair, facial fuzz rocker look <3<3<3 before those bitches got a hold of him & sheared him like a sheep.

    Wonderful choice as usual Derek :) Thanks