Friday, October 12, 2012


The 1980s were quite a time, weren't they?  It was a decade of fun music and frivolity that I still miss. For me, one of the most fun things of the decade was the advent of the VCR. Going to a video store was so much fun, and in that pre-Internet age you had no way of knowing the full details on most of the things you rented. So you relied on certain actors to deliver the goods, as far as hotness was concerned. With no CNDb to rely on, you had to just trust your instincts, or those of hot actors like...


Michael Kevin Paré was born October 9, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York. One of ten children, his father died when he was five and he was raised with his nine siblings by his mother alone. That would be heroic for anyone, but TEN children?!  Give this woman a medal already!  Who could the Nobel committee find to be more deserving? 

Michael was a working chef in Manhattan when an agent spotted him and convinced him to try acting. For that reason he is much like fellow New York Stater Matt Dillon (from Binghamton), who was discovered by an agent while skipping class:  both men have a very limited talent that doesn't extend far beyond that of the punk, and now that they are older, they now play the punk who isn't aware he should have outgrown that phase. 

Because Michael has always been a working actor and not a very big celebrity, there just aren't that many pics of him outside of his films. As for his films, well, he has worked consistently for the past 30 years, but very little of it has been in recognizable work. Nonetheless, he is always interesting and always sexy. 


Michael was in Playgirl not once, but twice, albeit interviewed and not posing.

I actually have this copy of Men's Fitness. He was really hot in it, but the mag didn't exploit his best assets properly.


For a while, Michael was the king of Hollywood headshots. With a beautiful head of hair, piercing eyes and a chiseled face, who wouldn't want this guy in their movie?


There are times when Michael's eyes can capture a puppy dog quality. And who could look better in a variety of costumes. 

Whether in camouflage....

...a Naval uniform...

...a Kerouacian white T... urban black t....

*sigh* leather...

 ...wearing Tawney Kitaen as shawl...

...Old Navy fleece...

...over the shoulder of a trench coat...

 ....practicing his ventriloquism act in a cerulean Henley...

....turn of the 20th Century undergear and a bloodied face....

...and the prototype of the Iron Man costume.

Still, nothing but NOTHING beats shirtless! 


Michael also has a disproportionately greater number of movie stills of him in the clenches of a woman.

Now THAT is the quintessential orgasm! 


And though straight, there are more than a few pics of Michael with dudes, though platonic ones. 


Michael made his first big splash in the film Eddie and the Cruisers, a really fun and interesting movie about a rock and roll star who disappeared when his car was driven into a harbor. 

Michael did not do his own singing in this film. John Cafferty was enlisted to handle the singing duties and his voice never really matches Michael's looks nor his speaking voice, but it's still an engaging film, and it gave us this cool song.

As with most films, it was fine as it was, but they decided to give it a sequel that was rather lackluster...

 ...and you can buy both of them in the bargain bin at Wal Mart.
Michael was next enlisted to star with Diane Lane is Streets of Fire, another film with some great, underrated music. The film has great visuals but doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

The publicity for this film was just crazy big, and since it tanked, Michael's career trajectory went from ascending leading man to B-movie constant in just the summer of 1984.



What Michael has done the best in his career is give us shots of that hot, rockin' ass of his!  


Judging from these shots, it looks likes the woman's V is the point of impact. 





Judging from these shots, I'd say it was a mighty good moon rising. 

This link has now been fixed and file is downloadable.


How often do we get a hot guy being a model for an art class?  PERFECT!

At  53 Michael has lost none of his looks. As a former chef, 
he is always cooking up something for us to enjoy. 


My greater than usual thanks to xyzpdq for his invaluable assets to make this post full of great videos for us all to enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for another wonderful Saturday morning treat, Derek! Great choice.

  2. Oh good lord! Yet another guy I've always had the hots for! Another thing I don't understand about Hollywood, hot guys that are ok-good actors, get the shaft after one misfire. But idiots like Rob Schneider can make bomb after bomb & keep getting movies.

    Thanks for yet another hottie!

  3. You've plucked another one right from my all-time favorites D--you must be Kreskin! My mom went in with me to buy one of those newfangled VCRs you mentioned and I was very excited to play back one of my first movies recorded right off the tube, a little gem called 'Crazy Times'. When I saw that vision of hotness that was Michael Pare, I think lifting weights with muscles glistening, I was thoroughly hooked and have never been disappointed since! I still say Michael is actually quite a beautiful man and his body only enhances his appeal. Thanks for the wonderful reminders and thanks for the clips xyz!

  4. sexy. Michael should get with me.