Friday, October 26, 2012


Since this blog features what is deemed "adult material," I can't get any advertisers to ply their wares here, which is a shame because I really am quite the shill for some stars and their films and TV shows. Timing is everything, and so here I am selflessly giving a plug to a movie coming out this weekend called Chasing Mavericks starring...


Gerard James Butler was born on November 13, 1969 in Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland. A practicing lawyer, Gerry decided in the mid 1990s to pursue an acting career. Law's loss is our gain.  His rugged sexiness makes him a natural on the screen, even though he also has had a respectable stage career. 

With a plethora of headshots oozing sex appeal, how could any casting director turn down a face and smolder like this....

There is something truly sexy about the rugged manly man in a suit....

But then again, some clothes better suit a hunk of this magnatude....

He even looks hot in this crazy necklace...

Gerry has one of the sexiest slow burns in the bidness...

The Rock-n-Rolla is rockin' the kilt!

Gerry's career in the movies has been one of quick ascent. He received plum roles in some big Hollywood productions like Dracula 2000, Attila, Reign of Fire and the musical Phantom of the Opera.  

It wasn't until the war epic 300 that Gerry hit his stride and found his audience.

Is it any wonder how it happened? 

With our first glimpses of his flesh, we wanted more...

And thanks to xyzpdq, we have video evidence of Gerry's nudity highlights from his films. 

Gerry's first big break was in the British film Mrs. Brown, giving us a full frontal. 

No video, but some hot footage from Law Abiding Citizen....

What is it about the pairing of a two hot guys such as Gerry with Idris Elba? They were appropriately paired in Guy Ritchie's Rock-n-Rolla, one of my favorite films ofthe Quentin Tarrantino subgenre.

The film featured no nude scene until Gerry dropped trou and bared bum to our delight.



Gerry had two films coming out this fall: the aforementioned Chasing Mavericks, released this weekend....

...and playing for keeps in which he plays a former soccer star and currently a small time sportscaster and a big time hottie...

Who does pantsless better? Something to look forward to!



  1. I remember I saw that scene in Mrs. Brown when it came out and was quite pleasantly surprised, knowing I'd be looking for Gerard from then on! I actually like the leaner, meaner, lighter and longer locks look of the soccer movie. He looks quite hot in that. Of course his perfection in 300 is unbelievable--was any of that "enhancement of physique" or was it all natural? I've forgotten now if that has ever been covered in other places.

    Anyway, another great choice of somebody I've been keeping up with for a good while--thanks Derek for all the pics and clips!

  2. Wonderful 40+ pick Derek! He is always hot but he does the long hair & face fuzz amazingly!

    Reks, as far as I know that's all Gerard in 300, they all had a grueling 6-8 week intensive exercise routine. It might have been a little "enhanced" by makeup for shadows, I don't know.

    Thanks Derek

  3. Thanks you guys! I agree that 300 was his moment of perfection. He has natural good looks and a raw sexiness. Add to that the vague notion that he is allegedly bisexual, and I must say that something about that pings my dar. Heh, heh, heh!

  4. I know that it's a late comment, but I've got to say that he is the most hot and sexy man 40+ that I saw. I like him at all and would give anything to jump above him, making crazy things. HOT A LOT!!!