Monday, September 24, 2012


It seemed that last summer I was on this jag of finding hot British models, which is a great jag to be on, I am sure you will agree. One of my favorite finds I had tucked away for an autumn day...


I don't know about you, but the image of a man undressing from a suit is a major turn on. Simon Barnes does a great job working with Myles at his own site Hotsnapz. 

Oh, that Clark Kent look never goes out of style!

At 23 years old, Myles is based in London, and has a certain sophisticated maturity about him. 

Here Myles is competing in Mr. Sexy Cardiff...

As a fitness model, Myles has worked with Justin Tayler...

...producing these great videos...

 It's easy to see how Myles has legions of fans!

Huntacular Myles gives us some more revealing shots....

Sorry for the black spots, but TMF has just come out with these pics, and they certainly deserve to have their own day in the sun with them. Click on this link and buy the magazine! 



  1. You're one consistent man Derek!! Week after week of hot hotties :) Myles is a dirty man & I like it! Very hot!

    I am meh about suits myself, But, a man undressing from a suit is quite another thing! Either from the bottom up Like young Myles here, leaving on the shirt, tie & underwear. Or from the top down, no shirt, or under shirt, leaving on the pants with suspenders! <3

  2. me at least, Myles, no matter how much he tries otherwise, always comes off as uber clean!! Sheesh, his tats don't even register as edgy--he's just a squeaker at heart, like Clark Kent in the library! But definitely sexy and his sweet little hiney is just perfect! Another great choice Derek!

    (these little captcha things are becoming absurd though!)

  3. Thanks, tri. I've had Myles on a waiting list for quite a while. I couldn't wait to put him to use. Glad to know that he was embraced! ;)

    Myles, does have a straight-laced, clean appeal, doesn't he reks? That Clark Kent type just melts my butter!

    Sorry about the captchas. I wasn't aware they were there, nor that I had any jurisdiction over them. I think I've eliminated them now, and anyone can post with or without being a member.

  4. You mean all it would have taken was a little casting couch session and they would have been history?! Long ago?! Oy! Hehe...

    BTW, I really love the autumn theme Derek--not the least of which is the lovely color of Guldan's mustard! ;)