Friday, September 21, 2012


This week NBC debuted it's newest sci-fi drama Revolution, which uses the intriguing idea of "what if" everything that is powered suddenly turns off, and for some reason, can't be turned on again. It's sort of like a dramatic version of that docu-program about the world after people, except that people are still around to see the decay of cities and the reclamation of nature. It played to great ratings, so the future looks bright for Revolution, which is ironic if you think about it.

The first main character that we see is the man who know the secret to this loss of power, and who mysteriously stores all of the information in a USB port that stores within a necklace, is a hottie who, in the 90s, seemed fast-tracked to be a star, but instead became a respected working actor...


Born in Los Angeles on November 18, 1962, this handsome 50 year old has been a fixture in Hollywood for quite some time. 

The best life would be to spend it with someone who looks this good in glasses.

Or without them...

Call me crazy....

I will say that this Mennonite shirt and haircut are not the most flattering on Tim...

Tim's family moved a lot, and he grew up in Illinois and Texas, the latter of which served as home to the Houston High School of Performing Arts, from which he graduated before attending the University of North Carolina, which must have had a hottie rule in place back in the 80s, because you may recall that it also gave us Dan Cortese. 

While I was not a fan of the Mennonite look, I must say that there is something rather fetching about the  high collared-dark suited look. Cardinal sin at your own risk!

With legendary actor Ned Beatty, perhaps discussing that scene Deliverance.

Tim has had more beards than Troy Donahue....

Tim is married into Broadway royalty, as he is the husband of Daisy Foote, daughter of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Horton Foote. 

Back in the day, Tim was not averse to showing us the goods, as he did in this sex embarrassment nude scene in which his wife catches him with another woman. 


I had no idea telephones could be so sexy. I'd like to see that scene redone, but with one of today's small cell phones!


No buttage, but some fine shirtless shots of Tim in Follow the River...

So is there anyone who doesn't remember that classic Steve Miller Band song The Joker, which includes the famous line lines:

Some people call me the space cowboy.
Yeah! Some call me the gangster of love.
Some people call me Maurice,
'Cause I speak of the pompatus of love.

Interestingly there is no such word as "pompatous." It was a neologism invented by Miller to fit into the rhythm and mood of this song and also Enter Maurice

So smitten with this witty song were the writers of a film about four guys looking for love in all the wrong places (also a different song title) and fancying themselves each a Romeo in black jeans (also a different song lyric) as they speak of The Pompatous of Love (see, I got there eventually). That  same brilliant screenwriter wrote for us a beautiful scene in which Tim strips on the beach to impress his lady du jour. 



Dat ass!

Oh, dat ass!


  1. In some weird way he has an Aidan Quinn quality to him (another guy I've always had a thing for) which I can't put my finger on. He's a very handsome guy :)

  2. Thanks, Derek. I look forward to this posting every week. You manage to keep picking some of my favorite guys of ANY age.

  3. I'm with xyzpdq--you somehow seem to pick guys I've had a little shine for for some time. Shawn, Eric, Tim and several others--amazing! Thanks D!

  4. Tri, I've never seen the resemblance with Aidan Quinn before, but I do now. He and Tim would be perfect playing brothers.

    Xyz & reksy, we are such contemporaries. Tim Guinee has been one of those hidden treasures of gay lust for 20 years. I've always LOVED that telephone scene in Blue Day.

    Thanks for appreciating, guys!