Saturday, September 1, 2012


Some actors bring a certain something to the screen that extends beyond their looks. With a sense of humor and a special charisma, they charm us in ways that mere good looks alone couldn't accomplish. Such is the case with...

Born to school teachers on March 27, 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Nathan Christopher Fillion began his acting career by performing in numerous theater productions, as well as working on various projects on both the small and big screens. He was the son of retired English teachers, and he was educated at Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Concordia University College of Alberta, and the University of Alberta.

When he first came to the United States, Nathan started in New York, where he landed a role on the soap opera One Life to Live, on which he won a Daytime Emmy.  Here's a vintage zanycap, from my good friend Zany, offering us a view of why Nathan won such work in the first place.

From there Nathan moved to Los Angeles, showing off these great legs in rollerblades...

...and where he landed a role in the already established show with the obnoxiously long and uncreative title Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place, starring cutie Richard Rucculo and handsome priss, Ryan Reynolds, two actors who would reprise the trajectory of careers of Peter Scolari snd Tom Hanks, respectively. 

Though Richard and Ryan were already established on the show and quite cute, it was Nathan who would bring a special charm to the show, as shown here...

Finding work with his rakish charm would become the hallmark of Nathan's career.

His next big gig would be starring in the short-lived Fox series Drive...

It was a show about...people driving cars. It's set in L.A. What ELSE could it be about?

Nathan would then make a name for himself in the cult TV series Firefly...

Next Nathan would find the success that had eluded him in the TV series Castle. 

Nathan as dreamed up by DaVinci...

During the run of the series, Nathan would have a famous embarrassment nudity scene...


Along the way Nathan starred in the film Outing Riley, which afforded another nice butt shot, though not while doing anything nice...


Nathan also appeared in an episode of The Outer Limits, which gave us this bit of hot cuddling...


I do wish Nathan would work out a little more. He  has what I'd call "Secure Straight Guy Body," which is that type of body that isn't nearly as worked out as it could be, and with women being as "unpicky" as they are, these men can get by with it.  However, Nathan's straightness might just be a little in question, if you know what I mean. ;)



  1. I've always like Nathan, since OLtL way back when :) That ass <3

  2. Very nice choice Derek--and I echo your sentiments about his somewhat underdeveloped body. I think I'd call it "comfy" maybe. It's still nice in an everyday guy kind of way, it's just that we'd like to see where he could take it with a little sculpting and honing! Cute tushy too--thanks for the clips (and to you too xyz!) as well.

  3. Thanks xyz, and thanks again for the use of your library! :)

    Thanks, reksy. Only someone as cute and sexy as Nathan could get by with a body that isn't perfectly toned. I know damn well that I can't pull it off! LOL!