Friday, September 28, 2012


Very rarely does a specimen come along that is perfect, that you can't believe your good fortune that they have risen to the top and have brought their beauty into being. I remember seeing this actor for the first time in the HBO series Bedtime that was all about sex, but they oddly kept him either covered, or concealed his butt when he removed his underwear. Fortunately he lost his shyness and producers were able to coax him out of his clothes, and we got the magnificence that is...


Born Matteo Martin Battaglia on September 25, 1965 in Tallahassee, Florida, his family later moved to suburban Atlanta, which is where he grew up. Matt would go on to play college football at the University of Louisville and one year of pro for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Matt made for an impressive figure in the sexy TV series Silk Stalkings.

Matt's first real acclaim was in a deliciously comic role as Phoebe's fireman boyfriend in Friends.

Matt's first awesome nude scene happened in the 1999 erotic thriller Kiss of a Stranger. Mariel Hemingway awakens the next morning to find Matt sleeping next to her. For no apparent reason, she shoos him out of bed and we get spectacular rearage.

I don't care if the guy was a potential stalker.  Anyone who looks like that should have a license to stalk!

While Matt has never won universal acclaim for his acting, he definitely won the hearts and loins of gay men everywhere when he was smartly chosen to replace the hard-to-replace Jean Claude Van Damme in the Universal Soldier series of films. 


Since American actors who are comfortable doing nude scenes are so rare, one would have been content with these spectacular showings of Matt's legendary ass, but he wasn't done yet. Matt proved to be an actor of great security with himself, and a friend of the gay community. Matt proved to be that rarest of creatures:  the straight American actor who was willing to do love and kissing scenes with other men. He would play Emmet's boyfriend on the US edition of Queer As Folk, playing the American football hero who was closeted gay.

In QAF Battaglia showed off his body, made convincing love to Peter Paige, and demonstrated that he is far more than just a body and a face. He is a man of great character!

As for Matt's series character, he was coaxed into posing for underwear ads, which was a natural fit as you can see...

But that was small potatoes compared to what he would eventually reveal...

Note of trivia: both Matt and hunky Robert Gant played boyfriends to women on Friends and then went on to play boyfriends to men in QAF-US. 

Forty-seven year old Matt could easily have rested on the laurels of his looks, but chose instead to put his superpowers to use for good.

Here is Matt proving that a 47 year old body can impress 
with the rest of them on the series The Client List.

Matt produced the series Last Shot with Judge Gunn in 2011 and won an Emmy for his efforts. He also produced the highly regarded film Brothers, starring Tobey MaguireNatalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

As if that weren't enough, he is aging beautifully.... a fine wine....


My usual thanks to xyzpdq, and a Happy Birthday wish to him on this wonderful day! *smooch*


  1. Thanks for the birthday greeting, Derek!

    Another excellent choice with Matt. :)

  2. You've hit another on my list of the all-time hottest guys--Matt is magnificent, and for all the reasons you mentioned even more admirable and lovable. Thanks Derek!

  3. I have had the hots for Matt for years!! For some reason though I always think he was on a soap. Anyway, he was & is gorgeous!

    Thanks Derek

    P.S. I love the way you present your posts. Almost like your telling a story, or doing This Is Your Life. Instead of just Here.

  4. In responce to triyche3 yes he was on a soap from 1997-98 ish days of our lives.

  5. In responce to triyche3 yes he was on a soap from 1997-98 ish days of our lives.