Monday, September 3, 2012


 Here in the United States we are celebrating Labor Day, a day that we take off from work to celebrate work. Like so many things in this world full of irony, it works for us so long as we don't over think it. Nonetheless, I've been out of town and I still am, so updating Eyecons isn't easy, but I shall soldier on. 

To help us celebrate Labor Day, here is a model seen in a variety of shots of him playing a variety of long weekend sports, the handsome and sexy...


This gorgeous blond from South Africa is with Boss Models there, as well as with M4 in Germany and Papparazi in Helsinki. He is scorching across the male modeling firmament and catching the attention of men lovers everywhere. 

Looking dapper in  suit, Marc has a sexy quality that oozes from his pics...

...but he's even better, the man is designed to be seen shirtless.

And how can you not enjoy a man getting tackled by another hot guy at half mast?

The female models name in this pic is Lucky Bitch...or at least it should be. 

Marc was the cover man for Men's Health in South Africa and other countries...

If that t-short looks painted on, that's because it might just be...

The hottest thing on the menu...

Plaid is the future...

Try not to think of elephants...

Marc has no truly risque shots, but he does have some sexy ones. 

For those of us who are picky about our fur, this is the ideal hairy chest, feathering beautifully around a sculptured chest...


Not lost on international brands, here is Marc in an ad for Gilette...

Milner Cheese

For some reason, Marc is grouped with models from a different continent in Boys of Europe. I won't complain about anything that gets us video of him...

Boys of Europe 1

Boys of Europe 2

Boys of Europe 3

Boys of Europe 4

Boys of Europe 5

Boys of Europe 6

Marc's video portfolio in two video files to enjoy...

Part 1

Part 2

Whatever this is--shampoo, body wash, sun block--I am using it!



  1. Hey Derek, wanna go to SA & hunt Marc down & count his chest hair? lol

    He is HOT!


  2. LOL! Can you imagine getting a trip to South Africa (a place that has always fascinated me) ANd getting to enjoy the company of someone as hot as Marc? *sigh* Let's call a travel agent. ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well, at least lately, I'm hoping Marc's somewhere else entirely, frankly...but he's definitely a sexy man! As for elephants, I'd gladly forget about them for a while--but don't ask me to forget about trunks! Great post again--thanks Derek!