Sunday, August 12, 2012

SATURDAY SPECIAL: 2012 Olympic Gymnasts-Part 2

One Wednesday I presented the hunks of world gymnastics. Tonight I am going to bring the hunks of the American gymnastics team.  It is not that I think we have more hunks than the other national teams, but simply that I have better access to them here in the states. And I'd love to have more access to...


Not a plain one in the bunch!  As I often like to joke in such situations, I will take the ugly one.

Not since 1984 has the United States yielded as handsome a team of gymnasts (I am STILL crushing on Mitch Gaylord from that team at the Los Angeles games).

GQ Magazine has already primed us for the hunkitude just before the games.

Since GQ is all about fashion, here's a pic of our heroes in their entry uniforms, which were much maligned in the U.S., and not just because they weren't manufactured here. Many thought they looked a little too regal for the laid back states, some didn't like the berets, others thought they were over done. 

I thought they looked awesome, but then I love regal, bereted, over done clothes.

But with these guys, less clothing is much better.

 QUIZ: Here are the American gymnasts, post Olympics, working for...
1) Cirque du Soleil
2) Circus, Circus Casino in Las Vegas
3) Chippendales
4) Calvin Klein....but not as models, if you catch my drift

From: Gilbert, Arizona   ~  School: University of Oklahoma

From: Houston, Texas   ~  School: University of Oklahoma

From:  Miami, Florida ~ Club: Universal Gymnastics, Inc.

From: Reno, Nevada  ~  School: University of Oklahoma

From: Bronx, New York   ~  Club: U.S.O.T.C. Gymnastics

From: Houston, Texas  ~  School: University of Oklahoma

From: Newport Coast, California   ~  School: University of Michigan

Uh-oh!  He's an University of Michigan athlete. As anyone who is a friend of such, OR an Ohio State University alum can tell you, THAT MEANS TROUBLE!

From: Port Jefferson, New York   ~  School: University of Oklahoma

While not all of the team members are quite as comfortable with exhibitionism, I am happy to report that Cuban American hottie Danell Leyva is more than ready to surrender his clothes for the sake of art...or at least Facebook. 

These first four are pics created for ESPN Magazine, which has begun running an annual series of photos of athletes (male and female) in the nude.  It hasn't reached Dieux du Stade level yet, but for American men, who are nowhere near as liberal with nudity as the rest of the men of the Western world, it's a damn good start. 

Danell rocked the Olympic world with these risque pictures taken in a bathroom...

Thanks goodness for the rule breakers!

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  1. You're right, not a loser in the 8, too bad the focus was on only the main 4 though. Not a criticism of them, I just feel bad for Alexander, Christopher & Steven. & Though Jonathan was a main he didn't seem to get much media attention in the coverage I saw.

    If I had to pick though- Danell, Alex, Chris, & Jonathan would be my choices.

    Here's hoping some of them join those shows, like the gymnastic-ice skating specials! I like those things, my inner uber fag showing I guess lmao. (sorry if that word offends you Derek.)

    Thanks yet again for a great post Derek.