Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here in the States, as in most places, I am sure, the biggest rage in exercise is cross fitness. It's a regimen that mixes all sort of weight lifting, cardio and movement. Since our muscles learn patterns, cross fitness is all about shocking them regularly, and pushing your body to extremes. 

This fitness craze has moved out of the realm of fad and into the mainstream. Every city has at least one gym devoted exclusively to cross fitness. A friend of mine opened one here about three years ago. While my friend is a cool guy, I will say that the types attracted to it are a bit bizarre.  Fantastically fit, but quite bizarre. They all seem to have a certain insecurity that is masked over with this overreaching regimen. Not surprisingly, I would estimate that about 20% of the participants that I know here are closet cases. I came very close to a relationship with one guy in the program, and then he pulled back completely, in a gay panic. He was very handsome and we had a lot in common, but alas, it was not enough. 

Nonetheless cross fitness is a wonderful place to look for the best all-around bodies. They usually have great legs as well as upper bodies, which is very important to me.  Love me some great legs! 

One day I was walking through the bookstore and I was stopped dead in my tracks by a magazine called The Box. No, it was not a fanzine devoted to the James Marsden/Cameron Diaz freakzoid movie. It was all about cross fitness, and on its cover was one of the most beautiful men I've seen in quite a long time....


So, like any good little gay boy, I did some research to find out that Rich Froning is not just a beautiful cover man, and not just a cross fitness expert, the winner of the title of Fittest Man in the World. 

I will readily admit that I am not quite certain that the contest for this title is as international as the winning nomenclature suggests, but, for the sake of argument, I think we can all agree that Rich Froning certainly looks like the fittest man in the world. 

He doesn't seem to be overcompensating for anything, so I will exclude him from such an equation. Is it any wonder that cross fitness magazines are snatching up pictures of him to grace their covers?

The headline of these pages is only preaching to the choir....

Rich is also the spokesman for BSN nutritional supplements...

Rich is 5' 10" or 178 cm, and weighs 190 pounds.  You can see his workout regimen by clicking on this sentence.   Born in Cookeville, Tennessee, July 21, 1987,  Rich is a workout coach for his alma mater, Tennessee Tech University and lives in the same hometown, where he is happily married and is also a volunteer fireman. 

Here is a series of pics of Rich in action, doing all the things that cross fitness people must do in order to be deemed cross fit...



(I told you that these people are crazy)




Quiz Time
This is a picture of Rich Froning:
1) competing in the cross fitness championship
2) competing in a triathalon
3) competing in the Iron Man competition
4) participating in the hottest Where's Waldo ever!


For those who have asked the question, THIS is why men have nipples, too!



And why shouldn't he show off?  He's earned the rewards for his hard work, and we reap some benefits, too. Just look at this man....

If there's a flaw on him, I'd sure like to spend my time finding it with a magnifying glass. Just point me in the right direction...

RICH FRONING, JR.:  A man of fitness, endurance and beauty!


  1. These are just the paces *I* put him through everyday--you should see what he does for training!! LOL!

    Isn't he just about absolute perfection?--thanks for all the pretty pictures Derek!

  2. An absolutely stunning man! He goes on my short list of perfect men. The one thing I wish is for a pic with a fuzzy chest, something makes me think he would be, if possible, even hotter!!

    Thanks Derek!!

  3. Very hot looking fit guy! I like the fact too that he's not over-developed. Just the right size, so to speak.

  4. thanks, guys. I knew he'd be popular. I agree, David. I like his much more toned musculature. Contrary to my usual model pics, I usually go for guys with bodies that are more relatable.

    Rich has a Facebook page that he keeps open for view with some wonderful pics of him with his wife and friends, but I have a policy to not post personal pics of people. The fact that they trust the world enough to view their FB page is reason enough to allow them to keep it that way without invasion of their privacy.