Friday, November 9, 2012


Sometimes in a great while someone comes along and fills a spot for something that was missing, and until they came, we didn't know that something was missing. They have a special quality about them, one that overrides any flaws that they might have otherwise, to make us believe they are flawless. Take them apart and you could say "He's not the handsomest," or "He's not the cutest,"  but taken as a whole, he is the whole package, and in this case, that package is...


Daniel Wroughton Craig was born March 2, 1968, in Chester, Cheshire. Can you imagine having a middle name that sounds like Rotten?  How cool is that?  That he didn't become a punk rocker is a loss to the perfectly named stars of our day. 

As anyone on planet Earth who has a television knows, Daniel "escorted" Queen Elizabeth II to the Olympics in London, by jumping out of aircraft. 

Who could blame her?  I'd jump out of a rocket if this asked me to...

Or perhaps the Queen's son is here saying "You will jump out of a helicopter with Mummy, and you will say thank you for letting me. Got that?"

Whatever the case, that Queen is one lucky dame. And just WHEN am I going to see royalties from the royals for mentioning them here?  I should at least get a shilling or a doubloon!

Daniel is the kind of man who puts to rest that tired notion that "Clothes make the man." I've seen nice clothes make shabby men look less shabby, but I've never seen clothes transform a man as a great gown can do for a woman. We lovers of male pulchritude know that it is the Man who makes the clothes.


 "You talkin' to ME?!"  Taxi Driver goes British

...and speaking of beards...

 I don't need no stinkin' bow tie!

 "Hey, this isn't Starbucks. Damn! I thought they fixed Mac Maps!"

Doing his best Iggy Pop imitation

 Freeze, Sucker!

 Excuse me, are you the sheriff?  Because if you are, I've been a baaaad boy!



"I'm beginning to miss the paparazzi!" 


If smirks were worth gold, Daniel would own Ft. Knox!

It is no secret that Daniel was a successful working actor in the United Kingdom when he was tapped to be the new James Bond upon Pierce Brosnan's departure.

Getting properly "trained" to be Bond

There was a lot of bitching and moaning about the fact the new Bond was blond and that he wasn't well known and he wasn't classically handsome.  All mouths shut when they caught first sight of this...

 The nattering nabobs of negativity were left at sea as Daniel made the part his own, along with out hearts....and loins!

The chest and shoulders and arms and legs! Those legs!
Have you ever seen a square-cut Speedo look better? 


As the Brits all know, Daniel got his start on stage. Here are some pics of him in the late 90s as he gets ready to tread the boards....

Last year he was in a play on Broadway with Hugh Jackman. It's title was not Homo Momo Fantasy, but it really should have been.

I'm sure it was a great show and all, but putting Daniel and Hugh on stage and leaving them fully clothed is like having a museum full of Van Goghs and leaving them in the broom closet. 

Another pursuit of Daniel's was recently starring in Saturday Night Live....

Long before his Bond notoriety, Daniel was doing some 
quality film work in both the acting AND skin departments. 


 I don't remember Connery ever giving us such a fine frontal shot!

 And that pert ass! Damn!

ASSSton Martin



For the first time in Eyecons' short history we have back to back Fab 40+ guys who were in the same movie series. The casting director who put Daniel in the first Lara Croft and Gerard Butler in the second. Love to have that job!



But then came Bond, first Casino Royale and then...


And this weekend, the North American premiere of...


Yes!  Javier Bardem is playing the villain. That makes Skyfall an Eyecons Fab 40+ Film Festival

"Hello, my name is Lucky Bitch."

"Who wants to make a James Bond cocktail?  Ladies? Want to be shaken AND stirred?"

"Let ME be your Rodney Dangerfield!"

What is it with Hollywood's penchant for putting Javier Barden in bad wigs?  Are they ashamed of his good looks?  Is it bad that a guy over 40 is hot?  They'd never do that to a woman.

I have this confession to make:  I am not a big James Bond fan. There was always a notion of deus ex machina about it, with those gadgets always ready to save the day.  What's the drama if he has a cigarette lighter that shoots lasers, and ironically he is handcuffed to a steel beam when that's exactly what he needs. I would say that Q's greatest skill is correctly forecasting exactly the weapon Bond will need at the exact moment. 

Still, since the Jason Bourne movies moved the game completely, I can really dig this incarnation of James Bond, so I will be falling for Skyfall, I am sure. 

 Debonair has a new definition

The bad news is that Daniel would not do a nude scene for this movie. He was asked to and he declined because he felt that at 44 he was too old. Too old?  And looking like that?  Danny, get some proper feedback from gays before you start making rash decisions like that! 

My number one fan

Somebody call a docent. One of the sculptures has come off its pedestal!


A very special thanks to my own provider of weaponry, my own Q, xyzpdQ that it is! 


  1. :D You are very welcome, Derek.

    Another fine choice!

  2. (xyzpd)Q, you are a lifesaver!

    I know a lot of people thought I'd use Daniel Craig on the night of the opening of the Olympics, but I thought it would be a good idea to save him for the opening of Skyfall. Now I am looking forward to the next "Girl with..." movie.

  3. So hot on so many levels--gotta love Daniel Craig! And that nice butt...he really must decide to get naked as often as possible before he really gets too old, though in his case that may be NEVER! Thanks Derek, and also for the clips, xyz!

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