Friday, December 7, 2012


Instant lust. The first time I saw him, I fell into instant and unfettered lust. Today's choice is in my Pantheon of hotness. He went into the halls of greatness the first time I saw him, and he never left. Not only is he one of those men who is perfect looking and perfectly built, but he always had that bratty frat boy manner that just made him perfect for unbridled lusting. Today's hotness is that green eyed, brown haired, French-named American...


Daniel Lester Gauthier was born December 2, 1963, in Prineville, Oregon. When he graduated from high school he garnered a track scholarship to San Diego State University. After college he found modeling work with Ford and Nina Blanchard agencies, which helped him to segue into work as an actor. 

With his amazing good looks and a natural comfort with his jocky persona, Dan had no problem getting work. His first role was playing he-slut to Christina Applegate's slut on...


 I just love that gas station attendant shirt that is wearing Dan.

 I'd gape, too, if something that looked like that had his arm around me. YUM!

Dan's next role was as pumped up jock in 21 Jump Street, a show that was pure fucking art, at least as far as teen shows catering to horny teens go. However, it was in a film that became a cult favorite that made Dan a familiar name and face in the orbit of Gaydom...


The premise of the film is that old storyline of the young girl who discovers that she is a witch. Bet you couldn't have figured that out from the title could you?  The teen witch was played by Robyn Lively, who is a sister to Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. 

Throughout the film the title character lusts for Dan...along with the rest of us. 

In the film, witchypoo is always swooning for Dan, but since this is a movie about a teen girl, it never once occurs to her to use her powers for good, and strip him of his clothes, but she does do that to a snotty middle aged male teacher that you have no desire to see undress. Fortunately he only goes down to boxers. Sheesh, Hollywood is exasperating!

Dan's next big job came with a role in the Vietnam War TV show...


On a show chock full of hotties, Dan still managed to stand out, 
despite the evidence of these bad captures from VHS.

Around that same time Dan did an ad for Levi's Jeans that has since become a classic.

Dan did a lot of guest starring, including in Silk Stalkings, a show that was to 1980s hunks what Law & Order was to actors in New York:  a constant turnstile. 

In 1995, some brilliant producer got the bright idea to create a show at a gym.  It featured a frequently be-toweled Dan, giving us eye candy every week. It was appropriately named...


While Dan would next make a semen-al seminal film that every gay boy would appreciate, I will save that for later, and leap ahead in Dan's career to his work in


Next Dan fell into the soap opera trap, which is where many hot actors get stuck early in their careers. Fortunately it happened later than earlier for Dan.


Dan has always been good for some Eyeconic hot shots....

Thought those were hot?  Well, brace yourself, because the next one is the epitome of faceable...

At the peak of Dan's soap fame, he gave us this spectacular pectacular.

As usual, I am saving the best for last. It was at the peak of his beauty, which quite frankly hasn't faded,  in which he made the event of events for his fans, the film...


Thanks to the venerable xyzpdq, we have the magic of IiB caught in video for us to peruse and keep!

And today Dan is aging like fine wine (I've avoided that cliche for 6 months now!). 



  1. What a way to start the weekend! Dan has been one of my favorites since those jeans and unbuttoned shirt introduced him to me on "Married with Children". I wasn't aware of the show "Muscle". I may have to do some internet scouring to find more out about that one.

    Another excellent pick, Derek!

  2. Dan's quite a DILF today as they say--oh my!!! He was pretty hunky in those early days--maybe "hunky pretty" would be more accurate...very nice! Thanks Derek!