Monday, December 17, 2012


Let's not kid ourselves. Despite the utter ridiculousness of the the cuffs and tie that are connected to no shirt, the Chippendales look works. It's the masculine equivalent of the Playboy bunny suit. It's utterly absurd and should reduce the individual down to a punchline, but there's something that is augmented in the spaces between those cuffs and that tie. This is the reason Chippendales is most famous and has had staying power over other strip shows, and is now ensconced on the Strip in Las Vegas, and also why we are celebrating...


A product of Lohja, Finland, Sami's well-packed muscle and handsome face are the epitome of the kind of sexiness that the Chips are looking for. This scantily-clad Scandinavian has a multi-ethnic look that charms. How could anyone resist those lips, those eyes...

Tighty whities were MADE to look like THIS!

Somewhere in Finland, Sami's Viking ancestors are rolling in their graves, 
just as we are reeling with a great need to rip off that fur vestjacketcoat.

Before Chippendales, Sami was one of the stable of men at All American Guys. AAG is famously picky about their models, which is what guarantees that your money won't be wasted when you become a member. 

Suspenders are back!

Pay attention. Sami is going to hypnotize us. He won't need those concentric circles...


"Under the Boardwalk"by The Drifters

"Puppy Love" by Donnie Osmond

"Beach Baby"by The First Class

"Brick House" by the Commodores

"Lean on Me" by Bill Withers

"Itsie Bitsie Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" by Brian Hyland

Okay, perhaps I went a bit too far. No one wants to look at a man like this and hear the words "teenie weenie." My bad. I now return you to your regularly schedule program....

click for a link to see their Vegas offering

With Joey Lawrence (Wow!  How small does the usually buff Joey look here?)

Betty Buckley and the Chippendales all in one place?
That's the gay equivalent of the planets coming into a line.
The Mayans may be right!

At the Santa Run in Las Vegas with the mayor and James from The Amazing Race.
Who wouldn't want to be mayor in THIS town?



  1. Stunningly gorgeous man!! Just beautiful <3

    Thanks Derek :)

  2. Sami is just about as close to THE definition of beefcake as you can get. Grade A 100% beef. But of all the pics, my favorites are the one at the Santa Run, and the bow-tie-in-charcoal-undies--he's really adorable, like a big Nordic teddy bear--the polar variety! Thanks D! :D

  3. I've made it no secret that I love the beef. Sami might be Finnish, but no one could ever be finished with him. He's absolutely adorable. Thanks guys!

  4. Hi! He is so hot guy...

  5. HOLY S#!¡ ..... I'm in love with Sami !
    He's the perfect man. If I was alone with him, I don't think I could control myself!

  6. I agree, guys. I just wish he would go the Full Monty for us. ;)