Friday, December 21, 2012


I trust that if you are seeing this you survived the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world. I congratulate you and hope to maintain the traditions of this blog. 

It is no secret that soap operas give fame to some of the hottest men. However, that fame is often fleeting. Names like Mark Mortimer, Hank Cheyne, Galen Gering, Thad Luckinbill, Aiden Turner and Mark Collier are just some of the names that once graced the screens of American soaps but whose company we no longer get to enjoy. But some names, or more to the point, faces have a staying power usually because of talent, and that is evident with... 


Daniel Thomas Cosgrove was born on December 16, 1970 in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in the nearby suburb of Branford. He was working as a bailiff for New Haven County when he decided he should pursue a career in acting. He may have kept peace in the court, but with that handsome face I can't imagine how any jurisprudence took place. 

Daniel actually started in films, first playing the preppie asshole in the Ryan Reynolds film Van Wilder.  

However, Daniel first made a name for himself in the soap Guiding Light.

And check out who one of his co-stars was....

Yes, at one point in the show's history, you could tune in and enjoy both beautiful blue-eyed actors, Daniel with Matt Bomer. Hard to believe there was ever a day when the two of them weren't well known but both beauties were there. 

Daniel was also in the wonderful show Dirty Sexy Money, which also starred Edie Cibrian. 

Sadly a writers' strike in Hollywood did the show and it was canceled later in the season, sending Daniel back to showers to soap up. 

Regardless of his soap career, I still love the pics of his first foray, regardless of the nature of the scene. 



  1. Daniel is a cutie, for sure, and comfortable about having less than perfect abs, which is kind of cute in itself. I wonder what the teasing towel scene is from, must be the closest he's gotten to nudity--I like!

  2. I have always found him incredibly sexy! Especially those eyes (These Eyes), Just wow :) I wish I'd watched Guiding Light when he & Matt were on together. If only they could have been the first Luke/Noah <3