Monday, June 17, 2013


Before beginning today's events, I should apologize for missing last Friday. That is the first date I've missed in a year. My air conditioning went out last week and I didn't get to stay home and work on the blog. Also, my friend and I went to Pittsburgh for Gay Pride and I wasn't here Friday through Sunday. Ordinarily I would have these things set up, but the AC problem set me back. 

While I am here, I will note that while I won't be slacking off, I will be pulling back a bit, My plan was to have the most complete record of any model or over-40 man on the Internet, but collecting, categorizing and writing about 100 pictures (at least) twice weekly requires more time than I have. I do plan to post, but I am afraid the categories and large numbers of pics will have to go to the wayside. 

I also plan to STILL feature videos and hunks from media, but that has been an unusual problem of losing my media download service which I have not had the money to replace. Hence the reason poor Michael Scratch has been waiting in the wings for so long. Hopefully that situation will get remedied SOMEDAY!  

Thank you all for your support and patience. And now, as they say, on with the show!

Thanks to my beloved friend Jimbo, I learned about Jimmy Thomas who is a model for romance novel covers. No argument about his qualifications!  






  1. Finally catching up a little bit :)

    Jimmy is amazing! No wonder he is a romance cover model <3 when I was younger back in the early 80's I always pictured a guy holding me like on the romance covers (not that I want to be a woman lol) Jimmy could hold me any time :)

  2. As for Jimmy, are his eyes blue or brown?! I can't tell, but if they're staring at you I'm sure it doesn't matter...nice choice Derek!

    Love the blog and it's the quality not the quantity we admire about it, so don't sweat it (no AC allusion there, huh?). Good luck with everything D! :)